It is a hot topic that colorful and beautiful cross sections shine on SNS!Dai Nagoya's "moe cut" gourmet



The colorful and beautiful cross-section not only looks good on SNS, but also has an appetizing color.We have collected gourmet foods that you will want to post on SNS with "#Moe-Kai".

Art-like "moe cut" fruit Daifuku specialty store "Kakuoyama Fruit Daifuku Bensaiten"

The fruits that are sent directly from the market every morning are particular about changing varieties and production areas depending on the season.The photo is "Suzu Akane" using branded strawberries (680Yen) and "kiwi" (kiwi)550Circle).

Limited "fig" from early summer to autumn (980Circle).It wraps a whole fresh fig. * Prices fluctuate depending on the season and purchase.

The beauty of the cross sectionSocial MediaHowever, "Kakuoyama Fruit Daifuku Bensaiten" makes the popular fruit Daifuku.It is said to be the igniter of the fruit Daifuku boom, and won the Nikkei Trendy Regional Hit Award.The point that creates the beauty of the cross section is the "mochi cutting thread" that is added to cut Daifuku.It is said that this is also the origin of "Kakuoyama Fruit Daifuku Bensaiten".Daifuku, a fruit that is fun to see and eat, is gaining popularity as a souvenir for a wide range of people, from children to the elderly.

"Korean seaweed gimbap" of "Yamatora" filled with colorful vegetables

"Korean-style seaweed-wrapped gimbap" filled with obanzai that "Yamatora" is proud of600Circle).

Obanzai, which incorporates fish dishes and seasonal ingredients that are particular about the ingredients of the local Mikawa Bay, and "Yamatora", where you can enjoy the local sake "Chochin", have a combination of obanzai and nori seaweed. Kimpa.Actually, it seems that it was made into a menu because it was popular when it happened to be made.Obanzai "squid carrot", "mung bean sprout namul", "komatsuna soaked", "stir-fried burdock root" and "sautéed sesame seeds", which can be ordered separately, with rice seasoned with sesame oil, salt and roasted sesame seeds It is rolled.Since each obanzai is packed with umami, many people order it not only as rice, but also as a snack for sake.

In addition to the standard, seasonal items will also appear.CHARLIE'S"Maritozzo"

Right "Maritozzo Chocolat Franboise" (540Circle), left "Maritozzo Plain" (411Circle).

Among the hottest grocery stores and cafe menus, only the ones that the owner thinks are good are selected, and the trend is quickly adopted.CHARLIE'S(Charlie's) "(For recommended grocery articles Click here for more information.).The sweet bread "Maritozzo", which is a hot topic these days, is a French restaurant "Maritozzo".Maison Le Pin Mura(Maison Lupine Murat) ”is only supervised, and it has an elegant atmosphere with both deliciousness and aesthetics.Plain is a slightly sweet rich bread with plenty of butter, and a lot of fresh cream sandwiched with orange scent and Western liquor.The sweetness of the cream is modest and the orange has a refreshing scent, so you can eat it refreshingly even in the summer."Chocolate Franboise", which has a small chocolate topping that looks like a pearl, is sandwiched between cream using rich couvert chocolate from Valrhona, France, and a wooden strawberry confiture.It features a slightly mature taste with rum.

Right "Maritozzo Tiramisu" (525Yen), left "Maritozzo Blueberry" (486Circle).

The seasonal "Tiramisu" has espresso on the inside of the bread.4Among the types1Enjoy the moist texture, and "Blueberry" is a dish that you can enjoy the compatibility of blueberry cream with cream cheese and bread.Even if you say Maritozzo in a word, you can enjoy various tastes.CHARLIE'SMaritozzo.All are sold only on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays, and are a popular menu that is inevitably sold out around noon, so it is recommended that you come to the store early.

"Seijo Ishii" roll cake with fluffy sponge wrapped in jam with plenty of strawberries

"Roll cake with strawberry and Hokkaido pure cream" that wraps sweet and sour strawberry jam and light cream with a fine and soft sponge (1,178Circle).

This year's6"Roll cake with strawberry and pure fresh cream from Hokkaido", which is on sale from the end of the month, does not use flavors or colorings and contains milk fat.47% Pure cream and fruits69Luxurious taste sweets using% strawberry jam.The feature is not only the beauty of the cross section where you can see the layers of fresh cream and strawberry jam, but also the fluffy dough that seems to be dented even if you touch it lightly.Strawberries have a strong acidity mixed with Turkish products, and the sweetness of the gentle cream is combined with the appropriate spices to create an easy-to-eat flavor.It's so soft that it will crumble when you put a knife in it, so don't cut it and take a "moe-cut" photo first.

"Tully's Coffee" wrap sandwich inspired by Korean-style seaweed roll "Kimpa"

"Salad rice wrap Korean-style sweet and spicy beef" wrapped in soft tortillas (440Circle).

A wrap sandwich inspired by the Korean-style seaweed roll "Kimpa", which is made by wrapping soft beef, brocade eggs, carrots, and spinach made with sweet and spicy sauce together with millet rice.Since you can eat it without getting your hands dirty, it is popular as a meal or picnic food when you don't have time. In "Tully's Coffee", there is also "Plenty of Egg Sandwich" with plenty of mellow scrambled eggs.363"Ham cheese & salad sandwich" (circle) and beautifully colored layers363Hidden "moe cut" menus such as circle) are lined up.Please enjoy it with various beverages.

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