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When visiting a friend's house, returning home for the first time in a while, or visiting a client on business, there are unexpectedly many situations in which a souvenir is needed on a daily basis.The Dai Nagoya Building has a wide range of products for souvenirs that are useful in a variety of situations.We will introduce "usable" souvenirs that you can buy right at Nagoya Station when you need them urgently.In case of emergency, what you should have is a "gift gourmet".

Seijo Ishii homemade premium cheesecake (1 yen per stick)

B1F | Seijo Ishii

Seijo Ishii's representative long-selling "Seijo Ishii Homemade Premium Cheesecake" is3The layered structure is the reason why it tastes so good.The upper layer is almond and butter streusel, the middle layer is a cheesecake with a rich cream cheese base and roasted almonds and raisins, and the lower layer is sponge dough using cane sugar.The addition of well-calculated taste and texture results in the birth of “explosive” sweets.

<Other products for souvenirs> Seijo Ishii Gosan-yaki castella (5cut 670Yen), Seijo Ishii hand-rolled natto (180g 1,718yen) etc.

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Sweet potato karinto (680 yen)

B1F|Imohana Koi, Apple Pie Kotaro

The representative product of [Imohanakoi], a sweet potato sweets specialty store that uses "Satsumamitsuimo" from Kagoshima Prefecture, is "Imomitsu Karinto".Slow-fried thinly sliced ​​sweet potato, sweet potato100A lot of additive-free secret potato syrup (Amendoro) is involved.The difference of "Satsuma sweet potato" stands out precisely because it is a sweet with a simple structure.It is no exaggeration to say that this is the ultimate sweet potato sweet, and it is an addictive taste.

<Other products for souvenirs> Amendoro sweet potato toffee (1,188yen), sweet potato dorayaki (1Individual 260yen) etc.

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Various tarts (from 1 yen per piece)

B1F | Cum Tart

Diameter full of ideas and originality6cmsmall tarts. The tarts of [Kyumu Tart] make you feel satisfied and satisfied when you eat them.The uniqueness of [Kyumu Tart] is the uniqueness of [Kyumu Tart], which is unique to a specialty store, such as the unexpected combination of ingredients, how to make the best use of the texture, and how to create layers in the tart.From seasonal items to classics, there is always a showcase10Types are lined up.

<Other souvenir products> Baked confectionery gifts (1,260Yen~) etc.

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Variety of Takumi Pizza (from 702 yen)

1F |SOLO PIZZA Napoletana

As a souvenirSOLO PIZZA Napoletana] Frozen pizza.Supervised by Mr. Akinari Makishima, the world's best pizza maker, you can easily enjoy the "artisan" pizza at home.The classic "Margherita" in the photo (1,058Yen), cheese lovers will love “Quattro Formaggi” and truffle-scented “Pulcinella” are always available at the store.4Prepare types.In addition, now3with multiple purchases1per sheet50YenOFF& Cool bag will be free.

* Insulated bag for takeout (200yen) will be charged separately.

<Other products for souvenirs> Various cup gelato (410yen) etc.

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Twenty Divi series (5,940 yen)

B1F |annon tea house

By sticking only to the sprouts, there is little astringency and bitterness, and even less caffeine.annon tea house].The best souvenirs are the all-you-can-eat40The "Twenty Divi Series" is a set of various flavored teas.Individually wrapped tea bags that are easy to hand out to recipients are of course suitable for gifts, and they are not covered.40Since it is a type, the conversation will be lively while choosing together.

<Other products for souvenirs> Queen's jewelry box various (2,376Yen), Popular Cube Box2Individual set (1,836yen) etc.

<Regarding Noshi> Yes (free)

Bracken-starch dumpling making kit (1,300 yen)

B1F |Ohagi3

So that you can easily reproduce the taste of the shop at home, [Ohagi3] is an original blend of this bracken flour special kit "Warabi mochi making kit".Easy to make, just mix!It will be a souvenir that you can give not only to eat, but also to give the “fun of making” with your own hands.The kit contains soybean flour, organic matcha, and roasted green tea.3There are two flavors, so you can compare the tastes.

<Other products for souvenirs> Okara cookies [sesame, soybean flour] (5each380yen), ohagi standard6individual box (1,180yen) etc.

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La Maison Assort S (2,400 yen)

B1F | La Maison Ansoleil Table Patisserie

In addition to fresh cakes such as fruit tarts, [La Maison Ensoleil Table Patisserie] also has a variety of baked sweets.It's nice to choose your favorite baked sweets, but assorted sets of popular baked sweets are convenient for souvenirs.The assorted set may include seasonal products.1Each baked confectionery is individually wrapped, so they are very useful in the business scene.

<Other products for souvenirs> Moist madeleine cocoon (3Pieces included 720Circle,6Pieces included 1,440Circle,12Pieces included 2,880yen) etc.

<Regarding Noshi> Yes (free)

Golden warabi (1,200 yen)


The “Kogane Warabi”, which is made from pure brown sugar dough that has both melt-in-your-mouth softness and just the right amount of elasticity, is a limited item at the Dai-Nagoya Building store.The soybean flour packed in the box is made from Hokkaido soybeans "Toyomasari" with a moderate sweetness, and the sweetness and aroma complement the flavor of the pure brown sugar bracken-starch dumpling.Tsubameya's specialty, with many regular customers saying, "I like soybean flour!"

<Other products for souvenirs> Nagoya Anko Sable (1,260Yen), Tsubame Yokan5Book (1,546yen) etc.

<Regarding noshi correspondence> Partially possible (free)

Ham and sausage gift (equivalent to 4,320 yen)

B1F | Metzgerei Inoue

At [Metsugerai Inoue], a specialty shop run by a shop owner who loves ham and sausages, you can choose your favorite hams and sausages and pack them in a special gift box.The photo shows an example of an assortment of non-smoked white sausage "Weisswurst", cheese and herb kneaded "mozzarella wurst", and "cartilage bacon", which has a strong fan base.Make your own selection based on the image of the cost385Circle.

<Other souvenir products> Eisbein (4,093yen), smoked duck (2,484yen), German salami (2,160yen) etc.

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Matcha Baumkuchen (1,480 yen)

B1F | Saijoen Matcha Cafe

From [Saijoen Matcha Cafe], where creative sweets made with carefully selected matcha are available, we recommend the "Matcha Baumkuchen", which is popular among people of all ages, as a souvenir.The surface of the baked dough is moistened with high-quality matcha and sprinkled with fondant (sugar) to bring out the unique bitterness and aroma of matcha.Because it is a shop that knows how to make the best use of matcha, all the sweets you can feel the real charm of matcha.

<Other products for souvenirs> Matcha Rusk (2Pie× 6 1,200yen), matcha langue de chat(14Pie 1,380Yen) な ど

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Variety of wines (from 3,300 yen)

B1F | Wine Shop Enoteca

At [Wine Shop Enoteca], there are wines that are perfect for souvenirs according to your budget and wishes.1Coordinates books.For example, it is orthodox to choose a refreshing and easy-to-drink wine if it is a souvenir.From the left "Montes Sparkling Angel Brut" (3,300Yen), "Clarendre Blanc" (3,300Yen), "Clarendre Rouge Saint-Emilion" (5,500circle).Gift box330Yen ~.

<Regarding Noshi> Yes (free)

for women gift set (2,067 yen), for men gift set (2,015 yen)

B1F | Pub blur

[Papabubble] prepares a gift set that includes a bag and wrapping for souvenirs.The vivid yellow cylinder box is cute.for ladies The contents of the "gift set" (above the photo) are art candy (Aichi limited mixSSize bottles), "Lollipops", "Bubbles", "Rocky Road" and all the main products are available.Art candy (Aichi limited mix)bag) and "Bubblets" as a set "for men Gift set” (bottom photo) is also recommended as an introductory version of [Papabubble].

* Contents may be partially changed due to the influence of time and production.Please note.

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Fruit Daifuku (from 480 yen)

B1F | Kakuoyama Fruit Daifuku Bensaiten

Daifuku made with seasonal fruits that retain their freshness and juiciness.Isn't it tastier than just eating fruit?The fruit daifuku is so popular that you can enjoy cutting out beautiful cross-sections yourself using a special “mochi-cutting thread”.for gifts1Pieces·4Pieces·6Each paulownia box (600Yen ~) is also available, so use that when you want to create a special gift.

<Regarding Noshi> Yes (free)

Canelé (1 yen each)


The sweets "Canelé" that you can feel the taste of the person giving it to you will surely be appreciated as a gift.At the Dai Nagoya Building,CHARLIE'S] can be purchased.The "Canelé", which inherits the recipe of the popular product of the patisserie that was sadly closed, is a "Canelé-like canelé" with a crunchy surface and a chewy and soft custard dough inside.I have never eaten a canelé before.

<Other products for souvenirs> Egg sandwich (regular) 1,380circle, half 840yen) etc."Egg sandwich" is available every Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday only (advance reservations are being accepted)

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Assortment of 6 gift boxes (3,759 yen)

B1F | Good thing Bread / Family croutons

[Kazoku no Croutons], which proposes croutons that can be enjoyed as a snack rather than a supporting role in cooking, also offers gift boxes for souvenirs.The photo shows the croutons, which are always available in more than XNUMX varieties, such as "Hokuhoku Potato", "Freshly Picked Tomato", "Freshly Cooked Corn", "Kokuuma Cheese", "Delicious Curry", and "Honey Toast".6An example of a set of types.You can mix and match as many as you want in the box.

<Other souvenir items> For tonight's snacks!recommendation3Assorted Individuals [(Herbs & Garlic, Hot Chili, Honey Mustard] (1,880Yen), crouton snack greedy set9Assorted pieces (5,638yen) etc.

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