Also pay attention to the limited menu!"MOLNODA" to enjoy a selfish gourmet bowl is open!



"MOLNODA" has its first store in Fushimi, Nagoya, and this time it opened as a take-out specialty store on the first basement floor of the Dai Nagoya Building.Introducing the charm of the gourmet bowl, which is a nice nutritional balance for busy Meieki workers, and the points unique to the Dai Nagoya Building store.

A gourmet bowl full of vegetables that you can customize to your liking

100You can choose your favorite base from the various grand menus, and you can also choose from several types of toppings and dressings.bowl"Can be made"MOLNODA".All menus have a good nutritional balance, so even healthy people can eat gourmet bowls that are very satisfying.

"No_24" is a base of spinach and romaine lettuce topped with chicken thighs, chicken breast, boiled eggs, avocado, etc.

A base of spinach and romaine lettuce topped with chicken thighs, chicken breast, boiled eggs, avocado, etc.No_24"(1,400Circle).

"No_100" (41 yen) is a spinach base topped with 1,500g of beef thigh, boiled egg, avocado, and rice.

Beef thigh on spinach base100g, Topped with boiled eggs, avocado and rice "No_41"(1,500Circle).

Mornoda dressing

Dressing is non-oil "Aojiso",1The most popular "Lemon salt", "Caesar" and "Balsamic vinegar" that go well with meat, "Sweet chili" with Asian taste, and "Sherry vinegar" that is effective for relieving fatigue6Prepare types.

We use plenty of fresh vegetables, so1Perfect for people living and those who tend to run out of vegetables.

In the kitchen where colorful vegetables are lined up, serve one by one after receiving an order.The meat is also baked after the order is placed.

The concept of the Nagoya Station store, which has an eye-catching fashionable storefront, is "fashion."

The Dai Nagoya Building store is filled with the owner's commitment to seeing food as art and making it look fashionable.Also pay attention to the beautiful gradation counters and fashionable shoppers by the acrylic designer who also works with French fashion brands.

The shoppers and packages, which are designed with the image of a cosmetics maker, have a stylish design that makes you feel better.

Check out the homemade lemon sour sold only at the Nagoya Station store!

Drinks using homemade lemon syrup made after trial and error, such as the blending and sweetness of lemon, are a limited menu only for Dai Nagoya Building.Alcoholic "Lemon Sour" and non-alcoholic "Lemon Squash" are both drinks that the president is particular about.

Lemon sour and lemon squash

Left "Lemon sour" (500Yen), right "Lemon squash" (350Circle).

Mornoda Lemon Sour

A sticker with a cute illustration is affixed, and the photo looks great.

If you place a pre-order, you can receive it smoothly without waiting, and it is cashless, so it is perfect for stopping by during busy work.MOLNODA".While enjoying customization, be sure to choose your favorite "XNUMX"bowlTry to find.

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