Recommended for home parties!Take-out gourmet you can buy at Nagoya Station



Christmas-like gourmet food such as chicken and wine will be available for a limited time.Since it is directly connected to Nagoya Station, you can easily stop by and shop on your way home from work as well as on holidays.Please accompany your home party!

"German roast chicken" (200g 648Circle,200g5Book set3,240Circle)

B1F | Metzgerei Inoue

A dish of tender domestic chicken with bones kneaded with German spices and carefully baked one by one.The ease of eating just by boiling the whole package is also attractive.Juicy chicken soaked with fragrant spices is sure to make you drink!

[Metsgerei Inoue] "German-style roast chicken whole chicken" (4,104Circle)

B1F | Metzgerei Inoue

approx 1A dish that is indispensable for Christmas when the whole chicken is soaked in spices and roasted.It will be delivered refrigerated, so please reheat it in the oven or microwave.As the production volume is limited, make a reservation as soon as possible.

Metzgerei Inoue roast chicken

period:12Month21Sun (Tue) ~12Month25(Sat)

* Reservations are handed over1Up to a week in advance * Please bring a cool bag when you receive it.

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"Louis Roederer Collection 242" (750ml 8,250Circle)

B1F | Wine Shop Enoteca

A dry champagne with exquisite delicacy and mellowness created by the long-established maison "Louis Roederer" that stands at the top of champagne.1776It is the perfect wine for special occasions, maintaining high quality by consistently continuing family business from the time of its founding in the year.

Wine shop Enoteca sparkling wine

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"Champagne Joseph Deprois" (750ml 3,289Circle)

B1F | Seijo Ishii

Pinot Noir80%, Chardonnay20% Luxury champagne used.36It features a deep taste due to long-term aging for months, and is particular about realizing a lut resonance.1It is a book.

Seijo Ishii's sparkling wine

Salad bowl "No.001 "( 1,350Circle),"No.021 "(1,500Circle),"No.061 "(1,400Circle)


The base is a mixture of spinach and romaine lettuce, topped with avocado, superfood quinoa, bright beetroot marinade, and nuts that accentuate the texture.The colorful appearance makes the table gorgeous.

"No.001 "( 1,350Circle)

Beef thighs on the base of spinach and romaine lettuce100g, A dish topped with boiled eggs, avocado, broccoli, etc.6Balsamic olive is recommended as the dressing to choose from the types to enhance the taste of the meat.

"No.021 "(1,500Circle)

Beef Harami in original rice mixed with millet100gA delicious gem with fried egg and avocado.Onion slices, carrot trape, and radish sprouts match the taste of the meat.Please use a special Japanese-style steak sauce dressing.

"No.061 "(1,400Circle)

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