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There are a lot of Christmas-like sweets and set menus that will make you happy as a gift.The special taste just for now is perfect not only for rewarding yourself but also for parties and other gatherings.Introducing items that will make you feel better.

"Limited Christmas Season Box" (600 yen)


Fruity strawberry rice cake with mashed strawberry and framboise mixed with white bean paste, honey cheese rice cake with additive-free cheese saltiness and honey, and matcha rice cake with organic matcha3A set where you can enjoy different types.This is a special menu limited to the Dai Nagoya Building store.

Ohagi-san's Ohagi

Period: From Wednesday, December 12st12Month25(Sat)

"Xmasexclusive!Red and white jewel set "(2,900Circle)

B1F | Kakuoyama Fruit Daifuku Bensaiten

An assortment of special strawberry daifuku that is as beautiful as a jewel, using rare white strawberries and strawberries with a beautiful bright red color.Please enjoy the beautiful cross section that appears by using the special "mochi cutting thread".

period:12Month1Sunday (Wednesday) ~12Month25Sunday (Sat) * Price and sales period may change depending on purchase.

"Christmas onlyBOX "(2,495 yen)

B1F | Good thing Bread / Family croutons

"Kazoku's Chocolate Crouton", which is a fragrant crispy crouton wrapped in chocolate with a nice texture.3Assorted gifts of all kinds.Please enjoy the touch of heart and happy moments created by chocolate.

Family croutons croutons

period:11Month10Sunday (Wednesday) ~12Month25Sunday (Sat) * Limited quantity sale

"Ripe strawberryXmasApple pie "(1 hole 5,024 yen, 1 piece 628 yen)

B1F | Apple Pie Kotaro

A luxurious apple pie with a generous amount of ripe strawberries spread over a pie crust coated with rich almond cream.The sweetness of white chocolate enhances the acidity of strawberries.You can also enjoy a moist and crunchy texture.

Apple pie by Kotaro Appurupai

Period: From Wednesday, December 12st12Month25(Sat)

<< Pre-order sale >> "Uguisu beans and Dainagon Azuki Stollen" (3,780Circle)

B1F | Good thing Bread / Family croutons

Stollen has a fragrant fluffy soybean flour, and when cut, a tightly packed warbler bean and Dainagon azuki bean appear in a gorori.We are particular about the ingredients such as natural yeast made from organic raisins and high quality fermented butter.

Good thing bread stollen

Delivery period: December 12st (Wednesday) -December 1th (Sunday) * Limited quantity sale

"Tart Phrase" (No. 5) 5,980Circle)

B1F | La Maison Ansoleil Table Patisserie

A Christmas tart that uses plenty of bright red domestic strawberries.Under the sweet and sour juicy strawberries, berry cream and chocolate crunch were accented with framboise and vanilla cream.

La Maison Christmas cake

period:12Month23Sunday (Thursday) ~12Month26Sun (Sun) * Reservations can be made at the storeWeb designboth12Month17Until Sunday (Friday)

"Christmas pistachio (left)", "Christmas berry (right)" (529 yen each)

B1F | Cum Tart

Two mini tarts, "Christmas pistachio" with pistachio mousse and dark chocolate squeezed using organic pistachio paste, and "Christmas berry" baked with jam of strawberry (Senga Sengana) with strong acidity and flavor.The fragrant pistachios decorated with pecan nuts and hazelnuts and the sweet and sour refreshing berry tart go well together.

Cum tart tart

Period: November 11nd (Monday) -December 22th (Saturday)

"Santa Mix" (640 yen)

B1F | Pub blur

"Santa Mix" packed with candy with a classic Christmas motif.Strawberry Santa Claus, raspberry reindeer, Muscat Christmas tree, etc.5You can enjoy various flavors.

Period: From Friday, November 11th12Month26Sun (Sun)

"Snowman Mix" (640 yen)

B1F | Pub blur

There are lots of playful Christmas motifs, including Santa Claus wearing a mask!Peach gingerbread man, yogurt snowman, etc.5It is a "Snowman mix" packed with various flavors.

Period: From Friday, November 11th12Month26Sun (Sun)

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