I want to eat a little luxurious luxury brand beef at home during the year-end and New Year holidays! Check out the special set of [Meat and Daizen]!



The year-end and New Year holidays, where you can get together with your family, partners, and friends you care about and spend more time at home. For the hard work of a year and the celebration of the New Year, I want to be more luxurious than usual. At [Meat and Daizen], we sell a special set of domestic beef that you want to enjoy in such a scene.You can eat branded beef at a much lower price than usual, so be sure to check it out!

Year-end special service product "highest grade beef set" that combines Matsusaka beef of Japan's three great Japanese beef and black beef from Kagoshima

At the end of each year, the store's proud beef is sold at a special price [Meat and Daizen].According to the store manager, "I don't want to make a profit, but I want everyone to smile with Wagyu beef during the year-end and New Year holidays so that I can get rid of the depressed mood of Corona."2021Years12Available only until the end of the month."Matsusaka beef" suitable for sukiyaki and shabu-shabuA-5Grade sirloin1"Kagoshima black beef" that is perfect for eating with yakiniku or steakA-5Grade fin1Normal combined with "㎏"75,600What a set of circles41,040Available in yen.About more than usual30,000Don't miss this opportunity to eat branded beef at a great price!

Great meat

Black heavy "Matsusaka beef"A-5Grade sirloin1㎏ ”and red heavy“ Black beef from KagoshimaA-5Grade fin1"Black and red" combined with "kg"2Step weight "(41,040Circle).

Great meat

Halve the contents of black and red weight, Matsusaka beefA-5Grade sirloin500gAnd Kagoshima black beefA-5Grade fin500g"Blue weight" (23,760Yen) is also on sale.

This set can be picked up at the store or ordered by delivery.OK..In the case of over-the-counter receipt12Month29For delivery to Nagoya city until Sunday (Wednesday)12Month22We accept until Sunday (Wednesday).In the case of delivery, it will be shipped after being frozen with the technology to confine the taste after cutting, so put it in the refrigerator when eating.1It is recommended to thaw naturally over a day.About in the frozen state2It lasts for a week, so you can enjoy it even after the new year.

* We will send it in a different condition from the container in the photo.

Branded cows from all over the country gather on the theme of extraordinary life!A lineup of beef that can be purchased at a great price other than the set

At this time of year, you can buy branded beef from all over the country at a special price at the end of the year, in addition to the special set with heavy weight.Matsusaka beefA-5Grade sirloin1With kg43,200At the circle21,384Yen, Kobe beef A-5Sirloin too100gNormal5,400At the circle4,320Yen and quite reasonable.We also have Miyazaki beef, Yamagata beef, Saga champion beef, Omi beef, Yonezawa beef, and Kobe beef.Sirloin is not only soft but also has a strong taste, so it is recommended to eat it with a simple seasoning, such as thinly sliced ​​shabu-shabu and thickly sliced ​​steak.

Matsusaka beef, Kobe beef, and Omi beef, which are the three most popular Japanese beefA-5Grade sirloin meat.It features a beautiful sashimi.

For those who want to enjoy [Meat and Daizen] carefully selected meat more easily, we recommend meat for yakiniku and steak.The set where you can enjoy high-class yakiniku is a total of ribs, fillets, sirloin, and lean meat.1kgThe set is normal27,000At the circle17,280Yen, for those who want to enjoy with a small number of people, about ribs, loin, beef thigh meat500gSet of6,480You can buy Yen and this at a discount than usual.For those who like hormones, "Miso seasoning hormone" (100g 734Yen) and "Miso seasoned rumen" (100g 980Check out individual items such as yen).Both are by phone (052-564-7729) ・FAX・ The reception will be at the store, so please contact the store for details.

2021Years12The price as of the month.

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  • I want to eat a little luxurious luxury brand beef at home during the year-end and New Year holidays! Check out the special set of [Meat and Daizen]!