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Dai Nagoya Building's Valentine's gift is a game of "individuality" chocolate sweets with the characters of each brand alive!The orthodox chocolate is good, but chocolate sweets are actually a Valentine's gift that can accommodate a wider range of targets.Even if you are not good at chocolate, you might be happy with chocolate sweets with a changing ball.Find a thoughtful Valentine's gift at Dai Nagoya Marche.

Matcha terrine chocolate (1,200 yen)

B1F | Saijoen Matcha Cafe

Speaking of the chocolate of [Saijoen Matcha Cafe], which spreads the appeal of Japanese traditional tea culture and matcha to the world, it is "Matcha Terrine Chocolat".The long-established store “Aiya” in Nishio City, Aichi Prefecture uses a generous amount of matcha, and above all, it pursues “good texture”.As soon as you put it in your mouth, it melts smoothly, and the rich taste of matcha and the elegant sweetness of white chocolate spread out from the inside.Not only matcha lovers, but also sweets lovers should try it once.Experience the concentration of deliciousness.

"Matcha terrine chocolate" (1,200Circle).1Our145gEnter, about2cmWhen cut to the width7It will be cut off.Cut it to your desired thickness and fully enjoy the “difference in matcha flavor”.

▶You can also purchase at Dai Nagoya Building's online store "Dai Nagoya Market".The product page isplease use this form.

Mille-feuille chocolate (4 pieces for 900 yen), heart-shaped baked chocolate (2 pieces for 980 yen)

B1F | La Maison Ansoleil Table Patisserie

[La Maison Ensoleil Table Patisserie], which boasts gorgeous tarts that use plenty of seasonal fruits, also has chocolate sweets on standby.The “Mille-feuille Chocolat”, which is a crunchy pie filled with the flavors of fruit and black tea, and the “Heart Baked Chocolate”, which is packed with the deliciousness of chocolate, are candidates for Valentine's Day gifts.The cute package is also the charm of [La Maison Ensoleil Table Patisserie].

"Mille-feuille chocolate" (4Pieces included 900Circle)."Strawberry" with strawberry cream and strawberry chocolate, "Lemon" with lemon cream and white chocolate, "Orange" with orange cream and bitter chocolate, and "Tea" with black tea cream and milk chocolate.4It is a piece.

"Heart Baked Chocolate" (2Pieces included 980Circle)."Strawberry" coated with sweet and sour strawberry-flavored chocolate and "caramel chocolate" with bittersweet caramel flavor2It is a piece.

Salted chocolate, matcha chocolate, salted caramel chocolate (834 yen each)

B1F | Good thing Bread / Family croutons

Every year in [Yoikoto Bread Family Croutons]11Pay attention to the chocolate croutons, which are sold for a limited time until the end of the month.It is a new type of “snack” that combines baked sweets “croutons” made with bread and smooth chocolate that melts in the mouth, while valuing the original taste of the ingredients."Salt chocolate" that brings out the sweetness of saltiness, "Matcha chocolate" that is bittersweet, and "Salt caramel chocolate" that is irresistible for sweets lovers.3Prepare types.

for 2 and3Valentine's Day packages for individual use are also available, so why not choose a flavor that suits your partner's taste and give it as a gift.You can also choose and combine crouton products other than chocolate.

Valentine mix (BAG 670 yen, SJAR 980 yen, MJAR 2,650 yen), rich chocolate candy mix, white chocolate candy mix (each BAG 670 yen, SJAR 980 yen)

B1F | Pub blur

A sweets brand [Papabuble] from Spain that develops unique items such as art candy.During Valentine's Day, including mixed berries with a catchy heart mark5Starting with "Valentine Mix", which is a mixture of different types of candy,3A variety of limited candy mixes will be released.In addition, [Papabubble] is a treasure trove of Valentine gifts such as gummy chocolate, Rocky Road, and candy with a lip motif.It's full of fun to choose from.

"Valentine Mix" (BAG670Circle,SJAR980Circle,MJAR 2,650yen) is1Mixed berries, caramel, grape yogurt, apple soda, strawberry orange in a bag5Contains different flavors.

raspberry anise, cherry cassis, muscat3"Rich chocolate candy mix" (BAG670Circle,SJAR980Circle).

Milk tea, passion mango, raspberry3"White chocolate candy mix" where different flavors are mixed (BAG670Circle,SJAR980Circle).

Kirsch, spices, cherries, ganache, tonka beans and cafe (650 yen each)

B1F | Cum Tart

直径63 mmFrom the tart specialty store [Kyumu Tart] that draws the story of the season and taste in the tart dough,2023Valentine's Day limited item.Spice-scented morello cherry, ganache monte chocolat blanc with kirsch, and powerful cacao mousse chocolat noir layered “Kirsch and spice and cherry”, cake chocolate as the base (lower layer), vanilla and elegant scent “Ganache, Tonka Beans and Café”, which is layered with ganache made from boiled tonka beans, will appear.

The photo on the left is "Kirsch, Spice and Cherry" (650Yen), the photo on the right is "Ganache, Tonka Beans and Cafe" (650Circle).texture, aroma and taste.The exquisite combination of ingredients expresses the one-of-a-kind world view of [Kyumu Tart].The sales period is2023Years1Month21Sunday (Sat) -2Month14until Sunday (Tuesday).

Valentine limited tart2contains seeds6An assortment of individual tarts, a Valentine-only "6Individual Gift Box” (3,680Yen) is also recommended.

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