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I can't decide what to return for Valentine's Day!In fact, White Day is a secret worry for men.Dai Nagoya Building will be a strong ally for you.The theme of Dai Nagoya Building's White Day gift is originality that is difficult to match with others.Choose a slightly special White Day gift while imagining the person you will give it to.Here are 5 recommended restaurants.

White Day Mix (BAG 670 yen, SJAR 980 yen, MJAR 2,650 yen)

B1F | Pub blur

It is no exaggeration to say that White Day gifts are the best [Papabuble].2023On White Day XNUMX, products will be developed under the theme of “Pixel Art”, which is attracting attention in various places.The main product, White Day Mix, also contains candies with motifs of butterflies and ladybirds expressed in pixel art.In addition, gift sets with different prices that include various products from [Papabubble]3Type ready.It will be a strong ally for men who are worried about which one to choose.This year's White Day, send a gift with a sense of "high art sensitivity".

White day mix (BAG670Circle,SJAR980Circle,MJAR 2,650circle).Pixel art motifs and art candy go well together.It is a candy that you want to enjoy slowly while checking what kind of pattern it is.

"White Day Mix (BAG)”, and the “Gift Set”, which is a set of “Bubbles” and “Gummy Chocolate”, which are very popular with gummy lovers.A"(1,400Yen), “Gift SetB"(1,850yen), “Gift SetC"(3,600yen)3A set of types is available.

Good bean bread (1,301 yen)

B1F | Good thing Bread / Family croutons

Give Valentine's Day gifts of high-quality food that every woman will love.The new bread “Yoi Mame Bread” is released at a nice timing from the bread specialty store [Yoikoto Bread].Red kidney beans, hand-roasted beans, chickpeas, green peas4Various kinds of beans are carefully wrapped in a chewy bread dough, and the brightly colored beans that are soaked in honey and boiled down slowly have a gentle sweetness.In addition, the "Nagoya Souvenir Set", which is sold as a standard item, is also suitable for gifts.Enjoy Ogura toast, a specialty of Nagoya, in the comfort of your own home.

"Good bean bread" (1,301Circle).4The texture and gentle taste of the various beans enhance the charm of the bread.2023Years2Month18Sunday (Sat) -3Month31It is a limited-time sale product until Sunday (Friday) (planned).

"Nagoya Souvenir Set" (2,106circle). "Good bread" (1loaf) and “yoi tsubuan” (1bottle) is included in the set.Comes with original design bento wrap and cotton bag.

INDIVI “TEA CUP” ~Delicious tea called Queen’s Jewelry Box~ (2,310 yen), INDIVI “DRESS” ~Delicious tea called Queen’s Jewelry Box~ (2,310 yen)

B1F |annon tea house

Always100Handles the finest Ceylon tea "Mulesna Tea" that exceeds the variety [annon tea house], multiple flavors1A gift box with individual wrappings "INDIVI(indivi)” series.Among them, the package that women like is eye-catching.TEA CUP"When"DRESS syndrome” is a sense of size (16It's perfect for a white day gift, including the package) and price.The tea inside is characterized by unique names that stir the imagination of the taste, such as "tea like a cool aquamarine" and "tea like a pearl necklace".

"INDIVI "TEA CUP"~Delicious tea called Queen's Jewel Box~" (2,376Circle),"INDIVI "DRESS syndrome"~Delicious tea called Queen's Jewel Box~" (2,376circle).different for each16different types of tea bags16Each package is included.

▶You can also purchase at Dai Nagoya Building's online store "Dai Nagoya Market"."INDIVI "TEA CUPThe product page for "~Delicious tea called Queen's Jewelry Box~"please use this form.,INDIVI "DRESS syndromeThe product page for "~Delicious tea called Queen's Jewelry Box~"please use this form.

The ever-popular “Cube Box” (11Enclosed 918yen) is2Pieces·3Pieces·4Each one has its own gift box.If you want to choose the flavor while considering the taste of the other party, use that.

Standard box of 6 (1,180 yen)

B1F |Ohagi3

When thinking about White Day gifts, we tend to focus on Western confectionery, but here, take the plunge and choose “Japanese confectionery” to set yourself apart from others. [Ohagi3]6If it is "individual box", it betrays the image of ohagi in a good way.Hojicha "Hougetsu", soybean flour "Mangetsu", coconut "Shingetsu", and other ohagi are sublimated as modern sweets.Ohagi3] ideas and sense.For example, the inside of "Hogetsu" is made with multigrain rice that is a blend of amaranth and black rice.

"Classic6Individual box "(1,180circle).Roasted green tea ``Hougetsu'', kinako ``Full moon'', tsubuan ``Akatsuki'', coconut ``Shingetsu'', sesame ``Yogetsu'', and matcha ``Gengetsu'' classics6It will be an assortment of types.

The special box designed with the motif of “Okamochi” has the meaning of bridging and connecting relationships between people.The uniqueness of using chopsticks to fasten the box.

Tsubame Yokan Assortment (3 pieces for 941 yen)


Japanese sweets on White Day, it should be a stylish gift for adults. From [Tsubameya], the “Tsubame Yokan Assortment” is a White Day gift candidate.``Oimo'', which brings out the natural flavor and sweetness of ``Tomi no Kawagoe potato'' sweet potatoes from Miyoshi, Saitama; All of "cacao" where you can enjoy the rich aroma and richness of organic cacao and adzuki beans3kinds. Tsubameya's yokan is filled with a sense of quest for deliciousness and playfulness.

A box with a cute illustration of a swallow is perfect as a gift that can be used by a wide range of generations. "Tsubame Yokan Assortment" (3Book 941Circle).

From left to right: cacao, red bean paste, sweets3kinds.[Tsubameya] is proud of this product, made only with adzuki beans, potatoes, raw sugar, and agar without white sugar or starch syrup.

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