Limited menu with cherry blossoms and recommended gourmet food to eat this season



"SAKURA 2022th ANNIVERSARY" is being held at Dai Nagoya Building, which celebrated its 3th anniversary on Wednesday, March 9, 6.In this article, we will introduce the gourmet with the motif of cherry blossoms and the gourmet recommended for spring.

"Sakura Panna Cotta and Milk Espuma Sakura Salt Accent"1,000Yen


On top of the panna cotta scented with cherry leaves, a liqueur zubrokka jule, which was dyed pink with Campari and resembled the flavor of sakura mochi, was layered.Above is a milk-based milk espuma, dolce full of cherry blossoms with salted cherry blossoms and cherry salt.

"Sakura Panna Cotta and Milk Espuma Sakura Salt Accent" (1,000Yen) * ~4Month11Limited to Sunday (Monday)

"Sakura and Amaou Tart"1piece 860Yen

B1F| La Maison Ansoleil Table Patisserie

The refreshing cream cheese tart was layered with cherry-flavored mascarpone cream, and the sweet and sour cranberry compote was hidden.A spring-like tart limited to patisserie stores, decorated with large Amaou and crispy matcha crunch chocolate.

"Sakura and Amaou Tart" (1piece 860Yen) * ~3Month31Limited to Sunday (Thursday)

"Fruit Daifuku Sakura Strawberry"1Individual 600Yen ~

B1F| Kakuoyama Fruit Daifuku Bensaiten

1Fruit Daifuku with a single cherry blossom on the most popular strawberry.The refreshing scent of strawberries and the faint scent of cherry blossoms make you feel the arrival of spring.The soft fertilizer made from the finest habutae powder and the elegantly sweet white bean paste enhance the taste of spring.As the quantity is limited, please do as soon as possible.

"Fruit Daifuku Sakura Strawberry" (1Individual 600Yen ~) *3Month9Sunday (Wednesday) ~4Month10Limited to Sundays

"Sakura mix" bag 640Circle,Sbottle 910Circle,Mbottle 2,530Yen

B1F| Pub blur

A mix of candy with a pattern that imagines the changing scenery of cherry blossoms, such as the cherry blossoms in full bloom and the snowstorm that scatters in the blue sky.It contains cherry milk flavor with salt to enhance the sweetness, sweet and sour fruit flavor, and black tea flavor that you can enjoy the taste like fruit tea by combining it.

"Sakura mix" (bag 640Circle,Sbottle 910Circle,Mbottle 2,530circle)※3Month15Sun (Tue) ~4Month24Limited to days (Sun) (finished as soon as it runs out)


"Sakura Bubbles"2Pieces included 290Circle,9Pieces included 1,150Yen

B1F| Pub blur

"Sakura Bubblets", which is limited to spring, will be released this year as well, in "Babrets", which is popular for its authentic fruitiness and firmness.A slightly darker cherry flavor and a light pink cherry flavor are included in the set.This cute dessert is recommended for both gummy candy and jelly lovers.

"Sakura Bubbles" (2Pieces included 290Circle,9Pieces included 1,150circle)※3Month15Sun (Tue) ~4Month24Limited to days (Sun) (finished as soon as it runs out)

"Nishio Matcha Sakura Latte" Each590Yen

B1F| Saijoen Matcha Cafe

A spring-only drink made by pouring sweetened milk and matcha green tea into a slightly salty cherry syrup.The toppings are slightly pink sakura espuma cream, sakura crunch, and salted sakura.It is a photogenic drink with a beautiful spring-like pink and matcha gradation.

"Nishio Matcha Sakura Latte" (each590circle)※3Month1Sun (Tue) ~4Month24Limited to Sundays

"Black rice sakura mochi"1Individual 250Yen

B1F| Tsubameya

We wrapped smooth koshian paste in Domyoji mochi with pesticide-free black rice from Iga, Mie prefecture, and wrapped it with domestic cherry leaves pickled in barrels with salt only.You can enjoy the unique flavor of black rice and the fluffy texture along with the scent of cherry blossoms that spreads softly.Please contact us for details as the number of items sold each day is limited.

"Black rice sakura mochi" (1Individual 250circle)※3Scheduled to be sold from the middle of the month * Limited quantity sold each day (some days may not be sold)

"Sakuratsuki-SAKURAZUKI-'1Individual 200Yen


A combination of bean paste made by chopping and kneading domestic cherry leaves and special white bean paste.2Spring-only Ohagi with beautiful color contrast.By topping with the lovely salted cherry blossoms, a spring-like scent is slightly drifting.It features a gentle taste with the scent of cherry blossoms, the sweetness of red bean paste, and the moderate saltiness.

"Sakuratsuki-SAKURAZUKI-"(1Individual 200circle)※3Month9Sunday (Wednesday) ~4Month24Limited to Sundays

Dinner only "Shrimp and rape blossoms Ario Orio Sakura tagliatelle ..."1,800Yen

3F| Rome XNUMX-chome

Ario Orio is a long, thin ribbon-shaped pasta tagliatelle that looks like cherry blossoms and is finished with shrimp, rape blossoms, and tomatoes.A dish full of spring scent, with the powerful texture and bittersweetness of spring ingredients.Enjoy the royal taste of Italian pasta, where you can simply taste the taste of the ingredients.

"Shrimp and rape blossoms Ario Orio Sakura tagliatelle ..." (1,800Yen) * Dinner only *3Month9Sunday (Wednesday) ~4Month24Limited to Sundays

"Sankt Gallen Sakura Beer"1,380Yen

3F| World Beer Museum

Sakuramochi-flavored beer using cherry blossoms and leaves in Takato, Ina City, Nagano Prefecture, which is famous for its cherry blossoms.By adding wheat malt to normal barley malt, it has a soft and gentle mouthfeel.A craft beer born in Atsugi, made by adding Kanagawa sake rice "Rakufumai" to give it a taste similar to that of Domyoji Sakuramochi.

"Sankt Gallen Sakura Beer" (1,380circle)※3Month9Sunday (Wednesday) ~4Month24Limited to Sundays

<Mlesna Tea> Cube Box "Sakura Color Pastel" "Flower Sakura Street" Each2.5g×11package 777Yen

B1F|annon tea house

Cherry blossom flavored tea will be available for a limited time this year as well. "Hana no Sakura Dori" has a scent of monks blend, mixed fruit, rose, mango, and acerola with hibiscus.UPThe new work that was made to do. "Sakura-colored pastel" is a popular flavored tea that is a blend of cherries, white peach, pineapple, and cantaloupe melon.

Cube box "Sakura-colored pastel" "Flower Sakura-dori" (each2.5g×11package 777circle)※3Month9Sunday (Wednesday) ~4Month24Limited to Sundays * Ends as soon as it runs out

"Assorted obanzai"1,700Yen

3F| Yamatora

An assortment of obanzai full of spring ingredients, with spring-like ingredients such as firefly squid, bamboo shoots, and rape blossoms added to the popular obanzai from [Yamatra].The sake to be combined is the spring-only "Chojin Sasagori" in Tsushima City, where you can feel the taste of rice while being refreshing and dry.1cup1,000Yen) is recommended.

"Assorted obanzai" (1,700circle)※3Month9Sunday (Wednesday) ~4Month24Limited to Sundays

"Rape blossoms and clams with salted fried noodles"1,200Yen

3F| Kobe Gyunta, Gyunta

Extra-thick noodles with a chewy texture are baked on an iron plate, and cabbage and bean sprouts are added and seasoned with salt from Okinawa Prefecture.The toppings are clams with a strong umami and the arrival of spring, and rape blossoms with a bittersweet accent.It's refreshing to eat, so it's also recommended as a dish.

"Rape blossoms and clams with salted fried noodles" (1,200circle)※3Month9Sunday (Wednesday) ~4Month24Limited to days (Sun) (finished as soon as it runs out)

Dinner limited "Shirasu and Sakura shrimp fox pizza"780Yen

3F| Naniwa Robata Octagon

The fried tofu is likened to pizza dough and baked to a briskness, topped with shirasu and sakura shrimp from Shinoshima, Aichi Prefecture.By adding rape blossoms to the hidden taste, you can make it even more springy.UP!!You can eat it as it is, or you can hang "Habomai Kombu Soy Sauce" using the first-class natural kelp caught in Hokkaido Habomai on the table.

"Shirasu and Sakura Shrimp Fox Pizza" (780Yen) * Dinner only *3Month9Sunday (Wednesday) ~4Month24Limited to Sundays

Classic popular dinner limited "Samgyeopsal"2~3人 前 1,925Yen

3F| Korean Rice / Sake House Daidai

“Samgyeopsal” is a specialty of the Gyeongju region, where you eat three pieces of pork wrapped in leaves with side dishes and condiments. At [Daidai], homemade sesame salt sauce, gochujang, kimchi, kimchi, and lettuce are included in the set."Soju Highball" using Korean shochu (429Excellent compatibility with Yen)!

"Korean barbecue"(2~3人 前 1,925Yen) * Dinner only

Classic popular "pure white omelet rice"1,430Yen

B1F| Asakusa Kitchen Omiya

"Pure white omelet rice" is made by wrapping white chicken rice finished with non-colored ingredients in "white egg" produced by chickens raised on rice and sprinkling it with white sauce that combines white sauce and cheese.1It is popular throughout the year, and you can choose the fluffy open type as well as the photo roll type.

"Pure white omelet rice" (1,430Circle)

Classic popular "Gokuboiled Nagoya Cochin Oyakodon"1,480Yen

B1F| Nagoya Cochin Parent-Child Bowl Rooster Shimizu

Oyakodon that brings out the flavor with chicken tsukudani made with Nagoya Cochin and special miso spicy sauce made with Nagoya's specialty Hatcho Miso.The rice is cooked with Nagoya Cochin's dashi stock, and the thickened eggs are made from Nagoya Cochin's fertilized egg "Sakuratama".Soup and salad are a set.

"Gokuboiled Nagoya Cochin Oyakodon" (1,480Circle)

Classic popular "cartilage bacon slice pack" each100g 1,414Yen

B1F| Metzgerei Inoue

Dream Pork1From the head2Bacon with cartilage made from a rare part where only books can be taken.You can eat it as it is, so it's perfect for cherry blossom viewing or bringing home parties!You can eat it deliciously not only with a snack of sake, but also with soup and pot-au-feu soup stock.

"Cartilage bacon slice pack" (each100g 1,414Circle)

Classic popular "Citrus tea"M420Circle,660ml 540Yen

B1F| Light byTaiwan Genuine Research Institute

"Bull Pulu(Burupur) "Fruit tea with kumquat syrup, pink grapefruit pulp, and nata de coco based on Taiwan's proud" Kozankinkencha ".The refreshing taste seems to be spring1It's a cup.+80It is also possible to add tapioca and nata de coco in a circle.

"Citrus tea" (M420Circle,660ml 540Circle)

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