Perfect for "cherry blossom viewing" at the Dai Nagoya Building!A gorgeous take-out gourmet that is as good as the cherry blossoms



This year's cherry blossoms in Nagoya are expected to bloom around the end of March, but earlier than that, you can see the cherry blossoms in full bloom at the "Sakura Sky Garden".We have collected take-out gourmet foods that are perfect for cherry blossom viewing at the Dai Nagoya Building 3F "Sakura Sky Garden".

Not just pizza! [SOLO PIZZA Napoletana] Is full of delicatessen

Pasta croquette "Frittatina" with bechamel sauce and ragout, rice croquette "Arancini" with saffron and tomato sauce, Italian in Tokyo [Bancarella Gioia(Bancarella Gioia)] Italian-style delicacies such as the original raw sausage grilled in a wood-fired kiln "Salsiccia" are available [SOLO PIZZA Napoletana].All can be ordered from small quantities, so enjoy assorting your favorite delicacies.

Packaged2The product is "pickles of vegetables" (375Yen) and "country-style meat pate" (100g 540Circle)."Green olive" in the back (410Yen) is from Sicily.In addition, "Chicken wood kiln firing" (1/2wing 950Yen) and roasted potato "Patata" (324Yen), "Frittatina" (270Yen) and "Arancini" (270Assorted croquettes such as yen). * All prices are for takeout. * Set with pizza50Yen discount

Also today3Month16From Sunday (Wednesday)5Month31Naples coffee is taken out only until Sunday (Tuesday)108Yen, inside the store110Sold at a special yen price.Check this out too!

Enjoy colorful vegetables and juicy meat in one bowl [MOLNODA] Gourmand bowl

The gourman bowl that you can customize to your liking is popular.MOLNODA].The staff's recommendation is based on spinach, with vegetables such as carrot trape, onion slices, sweet corn, cucumber, and beef thighs.100g, Avocado, boiled egg, radish sprouts, cut bacon, topped with original rice "No.41".Gorgeous and satisfying to eat1It is a product.

"No.41"(1,500Circle).Dressing1The most popular "lemon salt".

MOLNODA] Articles about the Dai Nagoya Building limited menu Click here for more information.

The Japanese-style cherry blossoms express the scenery of Japan [Ohagi3] Ohagi is perfect!

Classic5In addition to the types, we will develop Ohagi that expresses Japanese scenery with seasonal materials [OHAGI3].Among them, "Hazuki", which uses abundant fragrant organic matcha and accented with citrus peel, and "Roasted moon", which uses organic roasted tea with millet rice blended with amasalance and black rice, are limited to Dai Nagoya Building, so check it out. am.

Clockwise from the lower right, "Roasted Moon" (Hojicha), "Full Moon" (Kinako), "New Moon" (Coconut), "Akatsuki" (Tsubuan), "Evening Moon" (Goma), "Half Moon" (Dark matcha).6Pieces included1,080Circle.6Chopsticks are included in the individual package.

"Sakura dumpling" (2Our360Yen) is also sold for a limited time.It is a beautiful spring-like dumpling with organic matcha and alum-free cherry blossoms on top of a well-balanced grain bean paste kneaded with cherry leaves and special white bean paste.

Ohagi3] Articles about the commitment to materials Click here for more information.

"Tsubameya"'s "Dorayaki of the Earth" wrapped in rich and fluffy bean paste 

There are fans who are deeply rooted in Japanese sweets that value the ingredients [Tsubameya]. "Daichi no Dorayaki" is a dough made from whole wheat flour from Hokkaido, fertilized eggs from flat breeding, crude sugar, and pure domestic rice oil. of1Goods.Dorayaki with a gentle sweetness that spreads in your mouth and gives you a taste of the ingredients.

"Dorayaki of the Earth" with a cute package with swallows (each)248Circle).

The article about the popular product "Golden bracken" of [Tsubameya] Click here for more information.

A new cherry blossom item from [Cumu Tart], which boasts a tart that is carefully made one by one.

From [Cumm Tart], which is popular as a gift for its polite handmade tart3Month22Sun (Tue) ~4Month18Spring tart will be available only on Sunday (Monday).3Of the types, the first "Sakura Tart" to be introduced is based on creme damand baked with cherry paste, bean paste, and griot cherry, and whipped with cherry bean paste and cherry paste on top of cream cheese kneaded with cherry bean paste. It is a very elaborate tart with a whirlpool of cream and a scent of cherry blossoms the moment you eat it.

"Sakura Tart" (529Circle).

The next item, "Strawberry and Sakura Mousse Tart," is a gorgeous tart that contains sweet and sour strawberry sauce with pulp in a cherry mousse.Sakura mousse is fragrantly colored with sakura bean paste and a little sakura liqueur.It is a fresh spring tart that incorporates the emotion in every detail, where you can feel the taste of spring with the petals of cherry blossoms in the mousse.

 "Strawberry and Sakura Mousse Tart" (529Circle).

The last item, "Lemon and White Chocolate," is a spring-like soft yellow meringue with lemon, orange, and passion fruit.Homemade lemon compote and pineapple saute are hidden under a solid white chocolate mousse with lemon juice.The sourness and sweetness, and the refreshing melting in the mouth make this a perfect tart for a cheerful spring.

"Lemon and white chocolate" (529Circle).

[Cumutart] is an article about handmade products Click here for more information.

PhotographI"A row of cherry blossom trees in the sky"Spreads!Dai Nagoya Building5FIn the sky garden" Cherry-blossom viewing"Article about Click here for more information.

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