Recommended gifts for Mother's Day selected at Dai Nagoya Building [Gourmand Edition]



Dai Nagoya Building is a collection of shops full of commitment.Introducing gourmet items such as tea and sweets that are perfect for Mother's Day gifts.

[La Maison Ansoleil Table Patisserie] Bouquet Tart & Bouca Assortment

A whole cake with carnations and strawberries.Custard tart is layered with berry tiramisu cream, which has a refreshing acidity and a gentle milk flavor, and a fragrant almond chocolate crunch is added.It's a tart cake like a bouquet.

Strawberry and berry tiramisu cream bouquet tart (16cmhole)4,300circle※5Month1Sun (Sun) ~5Month8Limited to Sundays

Mother's Day limited assortment product that packs popular baked sweets in a box that looks like a bouquet at [La Maison Ansoleil Table Patisserie].Sweets and tea that are perfect for tea time, such as the new "Melty Chocolat Sandwich" and "Moist Madeleine Cocoon"6Types10Contains pieces.

La Maison Boo Care SortM 2,200Yen * ~5Month8Limited to Sundays

[Annon tea house] herbal tea & tea bag set

Ruby red-like tea "Vienna roses" and pearl necklace-like tea "caramel vanilla"16Kind <MLESNA TEA(Mlesna Tea)> A fun set of tea bags packed in a gorgeous box like a jewel box.All can be drunk with water.

"Delicious tea called the Queen's jewelry box DRESS syndrome"(16(Packaged)2,268Yen

Body-friendly herb Moringa <MLESNA TEA(Mlesna Tea)> A non-caffeine herbal tea made to match Earl Gray tea.Among the edible plants, rich in vitamins, minerals and polyphenols, you can feel free to try the herb Moringa, which Cleopatra also loved to drink.

MLESNA TEA> "Moringary's Earl Gray" (30g 1,080Yen

Chocolate mint series where you can choose the exhilarating level of [Pubble]

The chocolate mint series has a different level of popularity every year."Mellow chocolate mint" with a mellow milk chocolate and a hint of mint is a level that children can enjoy.1.. "Exhilarating chocolate mint" is a level where you can feel the exhilaration the moment you chew.3+..It is an adult taste that is not too sweet that chocolate bitter chases afterwards. ※both4Month28Sunday (Thursday) ~6Month23Limited to Sunday (Thursday)


Exhilarating chocolate mint 640Yen


Mellow chocolate mint 640Yen

[Cumm Tart] Limited Tart "Lemon Curd" & "Honey and Citrus Cheese"

A sweet and sour and rich tart made from Italian organic lemons.The crunchy texture and refreshing acidity spread throughout your mouth.Lemon chocolate is applied to the inside of the dough, so you can enjoy the texture of the crispy tart dough without getting wet with lemon curd.

Lemon curd each475circle※4Month25Sun (Monday) ~6Month23Limited to Sunday (Thursday)

A mousse made by adding honey to cream cheese and sour cream, and sneaking a domestic lemon pickled in honey.A gentle summer tart with lemon jelly, sliced ​​honey lemon and crushed pistachios.

Honey and citrus cheese each475circle※4Month25Sun (Monday) ~6Month23Limited to Sunday (Thursday)

[OHAGI3] Warabimochi manufacturing kit

A special kit containing genuine bracken starch, blended so that the taste of the store can be easily reproduced.Organic matcha, roasted green tea, soybean flour3Contains different flavors.You can easily taste the freshly made warabi mochi while enjoying the fun of making your own.

Warabimochi making kit 1,300Yen

[Kazoku's Crouton] "Mother's Day Recommended 3 Gift Set"

Recommended flavors for Mother's Day gifts3Assorted cubes of the types "freshly picked tomatoes", "honey toast" and "murasakiimo". We will prepare it with Mother's Day limited wrapping that can be given with the words of gratitude of "Thank you for your mother".

Recommended for Mother's Day3Individual gift set 1,880Yen

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