Nagoya souvenirs like "snacks" from the ham and sausage specialty store [Metzgerei Inoue] are now hot!



A select-type authentic German-made ham and sausage specialty store [Metzgerei Inoue] started by an unrivaled ham and sausage lover.There is a wide variety of dishes, from delicatessen menus that can be made into a luxurious dish just by warming them, to those that can be eaten as they are without heating.If you take a side dish that can be added to your dinner or a "snacks" that are perfect as a companion to sake, you will surely be pleased!

"Snacks" that can be eaten as they are without heating are perfect for traveling on the Shinkansen!

It is made by a master craftsman who won the gold medal in a global contest, so it is natural that it is safe, secure and delicious.[Metzgerei Inoue] ham and sausage that makes you feel excited just by looking at it.The specialty is "Kakuoyama bacon" (Kakuoyama bacon), which you can feel the taste of fat by combining wasabi.100g 1,047circle).There are many other products that do not require cooking, and jerky that can be eaten as "snacks" or "snack" as they are is also popular.

"Pork jerky" (1pack1,954circle).Smoked high-quality pork thighs.The more you chew, the more the aroma of spices and meat spreads.

"Japanese black beef corned beef" (100g 1,512circle).A discerning dish made by a craftsman who won a gold medal in a world contest.We use high quality Japanese black beef used for sashimi and roast beef, and you can eat it as it is.

"Moist prosciutto made from domestic pork" (100g 1,630circle).Prosciutto ham that is made by salting pork, smoking it, and finishing it without boiling.The moist texture is addictive.

"Rose ham" (100g 1,404circle).World Competition "SLAVAKTORoast ham made from domestic pork that won the silver prize at ".2By aging for a week, you can feel the fragrant smoky taste and the rich sweetness of fat.

A wide variety of sausages alongside the slurries are all products made by craftsmen who have won the gold medal.

A showcase with several types of sausages, such as "Serious Frankfurt" that you can eat on the spot and special sausages that won the gold medal in the world contest.The lineup is inevitable, such as "Beer Wiener" with coarsely ground black pepper and "Weiss Brust", a non-smoked white sausage.The arrival menu varies depending on the day, so if you find something you are interested in, please try it.

Hand-painted cutePOPShowcase with.You can see the recommended products for the day.

Sausage is "Beer Wiener" (100g 821Yen), "Weissburst" (100g 760Yen), "Arabiki Wiener" (100g 821Yen), "Mozzarella Brust" (100g 821Yen), "Chorizo" (100g 821Yen), "Veil La Off Bratwurst" (100g 821Yen) etc.

Limited quantity, will end as soon as it runs out!Also pay attention to the food menu that can be eaten at the store

The food menu using hams and sausages, such as "Kori Kori Cartilage Bacon Ingredients Plenty Soup," which was released last winter and was temporarily discontinued this spring, has been revived due to many requests.・ Inoue].Dai Nagoya Marche1A gorgeous hamburger to commemorate the anniversary "Opening"1Anniversary gorgeous burger "(10,800"Chorizo ​​Napolitan" (Chorizo ​​Napolitan) using "Chorizo" which is attractive for its sharpness and spiciness.1,000New works such as Yen) are also appearing one after another.Since the handling menu changes every day,InstagramChecking is recommended.

Dream Pork1From the head2A soup with a lot of ingredients that has condensed the taste of cartilage bacon made from rare parts that can only be taken from books "Soup with plenty of ingredients for cartilage bacon" (648Circle).

By coating with the bitter vegetable oil "extra virgin olive oil", you can feel the sweet animal fat more "Serious Frankfurt" (800Circle).

In addition to selling hams and sausages, "original eco bags" (770We also sell miscellaneous goods such as yen).The food menu is limited in quantity, so be quick.

For souvenirs, snacks, gifts, and lunch.Can be used in various ways [Metzgerei Inoue].This restaurant is recommended for those who want to eat safe and secure "good food" and have a high awareness of food.

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