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Words such as "sustainability" and "sustainability" that we often see and hear. These efforts, which mean "sustainable development of humans, society, and the global environment," are also being carried out at Dai Nagoya Building.In this article, we will introduce "sustainable" foods that unique shops work on.

"Candy art" that started from an industry-academia collaboration project and was conscious of reducing food loss

An art work created by a student of Yokohama Digital Arts College using [Pububure] candy.

The art candy shop [Papubbure], which originated in Barcelona and aims to be the "most interesting candy store in the world," has a motto of valuing playfulness, and has plenty of humor in its efforts to reduce food loss.For example, when [Pububure Sotetsu Joinus Store] (Nishi-ku, Yokohama City) opens, we plan an industry-academia collaboration project with students aiming for a creative job at the nearby vocational school "Yokohama Digital Arts College" (Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture).As one of various efforts, we created "Candy Art", a work that can be displayed for many years by confining "waste candy" that can no longer be commercialized due to expiration of the expiration date or lacking in the manufacturing process in hardened resin. bottom.In addition to setting up industry-academia-regional collaboration, this project also played a role in creating liveliness in the city by displaying it in the city and in stores.

In addition, candy that has no problem in taste, such as candy whose pattern and shape have collapsed, has a completely different image from the usual silver package, and is commercialized with a design based on natural kraft paper.Although it is in some stores, we are working to reduce food loss by finishing and selling it in a design aimed at people with high awareness.

At the same time as aiming for zero shopping bags, we sell non-woven eco-bags that can be used repeatedly to prevent the shoppers from being thrown away.495 yen each.

Luxury sencha etc.14Start a tea subscription service that you can choose from!

Monthly amount<br>2,980"Tea subscription service" that can be used in yen.

 1888Saijoen Matcha Cafe (Saijoen Matcha Cafe) is operated by the long-established tea shop "Aiya" in Nishio City, Aichi Prefecture, which was founded in XNUMX and has led the world matcha market.By selecting matcha used for all products from "taste, aroma, and color", we are developing a menu where you can enjoy the original high-quality taste of matcha.

"Matcha / Tea Subscription Service" is a new service launched by [Saijoen Matcha Cafe], which offers such discerning tea.A water bottle type special bottle that can be carried at the beginning (2,860Yen * Only for Dai Nagoya Building workers1,000If you purchase (yen), then the monthly fee2,980All-you-can-drink tea in a circle every day.Matcha, Sencha, Hojicha, Japanese black tea, etc.10You can choose from more than one type, and since it is a system that charges tea leaves and hot water, it is also a point that you can enjoy it at your favorite concentration.Because it is something you drink every day, I want to incorporate something with reliable quality.And while you can drink delicious and profitable tea, it is a sustainable initiative that can reduce the amount of garbage such as paper cups generated during takeout.

From the desire to deliver matcha that is good for the body, the organic matcha "Forest Feast" (30g 1,836Yen) and "Wind incense" (30g 1,242Started selling (yen).We are environmentally friendly by charging for shopping bags and using wooden forks.

Delicious organic ohagi made from completely organically grown tea leaves

Left / "Half moon", Right / "Roasted moon" (each180Circle)※ 4Month25Sun (Monday) ~6Month23Limited to Sunday (Thursday)

With the concept of "warming up the gaps in your life," we will revote traditional Japanese sweets that have been popular in Japan since ancient times.Ohagi3(Ohagisan)].We deliver handmade, safe and secure, additive-free rice cakes that are handmade, just like the palms that parents give to their children.

The Ohagi "Gengetsu" and "Baizuki", which are sold exclusively at the Dai Nagoya Building, are "organic ohagi" that use completely organically grown tea leaves."Chingetsu" (dark matcha), which uses plenty of fragrant organic matcha and has a citrus peel as an accent, is a completely organically grown matcha from Kawane, Shizuoka Prefecture.The fragrant "Hojicha" (hojicha), which uses organic roasted tea in a millet rice blended with amasalance and black rice, is at an altitude of600mWe use completely organically grown roasted green tea grown in.

Ohagi3】 Underlying the concept of limited environment and resource sustainability (=We are determined to pursue sustainability).Providing products that are kind to the body by incorporating additive-free and organically grown materials will lead to the health of all.In addition, we are actively trying to upcycle, such as using the rest of the rice for amazake and zenzai that are served at the cafe.While contributing to the reduction of food loss, we will continue to deliver safe, secure and delicious rice cakes.

To raise awareness of using limited resources carefully, we charge for shop bags.Ssize(20circle),Msize(30Circle).

Part of the sales will be donated to WWF Japan High-performance wine bag that can be reused

"Enoteca Original Wine Bag" Left /2For books (1,980Yen), right /1For books (1,650Circle).

Japan's largest wine specialty store [Wine Shop Enoteca] sells reusable and environmentally friendly high-performance wine bags as an environmental conservation initiative.Not only is it compatible with bottles of all shapes, but it also has excellent durability and strong cooling power, making it a wine-only bag that wine lovers should bring.

We sell wide Burgundy type and tall German type that fits comfortably.1A partition that can be stored for books and for safe carrying is arranged.2For books.All of them are environmental conservation groups that work on global warming issues with a part of their sales.WWFWe are donating to Japan.

Feel free to drink with a screw cap1,000We have a wide lineup from daily wines in the yen range to high-end wines with high rarity.

"Sustainable Dai Nagoya" FASHION / ITEM & SERVICE

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