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Since the opening of "Dai Nagoya Marche" last year, Dai Nagoya Building has been a "sweets paradise".Each store has a lineup of sweets that make the most of their individuality and make a difference.This time, five of the standard items, which can be said to be signboard products, have been certified as "Sweets in the Hall of Fame" by Dai Nagoya Building.Is Nagoya's specialty sweets coming soon? !!If you get lost, I will introduce a dish that is "first of all".Even as a trump card for souvenirs, there is no loss to remember.

A beautiful personality that stands out in the showcase.Pure white hagi "new moon"

B1F |Ohagi3

We propose traditional Japanese sweets that have been popular in Japan since ancient times as modern Japanese sweets.Ohagi3].Among the symbols that can be said to be the Ohagi, the most eye-catching is the "new moon."This "new moon" is a "coconut" rice cake, as well as its naming sense, such as "Akatsuki" for bean paste, "full moon" for kinako, and "evening moon" for sesame.It is an item that can be said to be a symbol of revoting (renewal), with the gentle sweetness of white bean paste and white rice (glutinous rice / glutinous rice) sprinkled with unbleached and additive-free organic coconut.If you eat it, you will know that you are not strange.I was convinced that it was the most popular female botamochi.

New Moon (Coconut Ohagi)180Yen

"Orange & Pistachio", a masterpiece of [Cumutart] that combines the "likeness" of the material

B1F | Cum Tart

About diameter63 mmPack ideas and a sense of the season in a small tart bowl.magazine"BRUTUUS』Order Grand Prix2020He has also won the Grand Prix in the tart category [Cumm Tart].This time, we will focus on "Orange & Pistachio," which is also a product at the time of brand launch.There is a pistachio paste under the orange confit that covers the tart dough.A tart that combines sweet and bitter orange with the aroma and sweetness of pistachio in your mouth to give you a sense of luxury for adults.The orange and dark green bicolor is also an adult outfit, and is one of the items that symbolizes the [cum tart] that makes the most of the texture.

Orange & pistachio 520Yen

After all, the queen of fruits is strawberries.Enjoy the changing seasons of each variety in Daifuku

B1F | Kakuoyama Fruit Daifuku Bensaiten

A photo of the cross section cut with a special rice cake cutting thread, which is the igniter of the fruit Daifuku boom.Social Media[Kakuoyama Fruit Daifuku Bensaiten].Since our motto is to deliver fruits in the best condition at the best season, there is no standard product that can be purchased every day, but strawberry is always popular regardless of the season and brand. It seems to be.At this time of year, we use precious strawberries from Tokushima prefecture that are cultivated in the summer.The refreshing acidity of strawberries goes well with white bean paste, and it is a cool strawberry daifuku with a refreshing aftertaste. Enjoy the luxury and enjoyment of eating and comparing strawberry varieties such as "Red cheeks", "Amaou", and "White jewels" that appear only in the season at Daifuku.

Fruit Daifuku summer strawberry 1Individual580Yen ~ *8Limited time until the end of the month

Rich yet refreshing and elegant, large-capacity "Matcha Sakusaku Shoe" with plenty of matcha cream

B1F | Saijoen Matcha Cafe

From the brand [Saijoen Matcha Cafe] developed by Aiya, which was founded in 1888 and continues to lead the global matcha market, we selected the large-sized matcha cream puff "Matcha Sakusaku Shoe".As the name suggests, the choux pastry with a “crispy” texture is filled with bright green cream. A rich matcha cream with a different scent and a different depth of taste, generously using matcha carefully selected by Saijoen.It's not as heavy as a typical custard cream cream puff, and thanks to the refreshing taste of matcha, it's a large size but never gets tired.It is a masterpiece of Japanese and Western eclectic sweets unique to [Saijoen Matcha Cafe] who knows all about matcha.

Matcha crispy shoe 1Individual420Yen

After being crunchy, it's sticky and sticky.The charm of traditional French canelé


Grocery with masterpieces from all over Japan, selected with a unique aesthetic eye [CHARLIE'S].Due to the recent canelé boom, "Canelé", which has become a secretly popular standard product, is a faithful reproduction of the recipe of a patisserie that was closed while being missed in Imaike, Nagoya.The outside is a bittersweet and crunchy texture, and the inside is a chewy, sticky custard dough.The "difference in texture" of traditional canelé is firmly expressed.The crushed peanuts are floated when baking, so the crunchy texture on the bottom is emphasized and the finish is even more fragrant.I miss coffee with nature, [CHARLIE'S] Then, combine the specialty coffee of "Maruyama Coffee".

1 canelé280Yen

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