Enjoy the feeling of eating while walking at "Dai Nagoya Marche".I tried collecting one-handed food



"Dai Nagoya Marche" on the B1F of Dai Nagoya Building, where you can find a variety of unique foods centered on the take-out of sweets.There is also a shared eat-in space here, so you can buy it as if you were walking around and enjoy the food right away.This project features "one-handed food" that creates such a feeling of eating while walking.It is recommended not only to enjoy it in the eat-in space, but also to go to the sky garden on the 5th floor and enjoy a picnic.Plenty of the charm of casual and delicious "one-handed food".

As the name suggests, it is dark.Matcha is like matcha, with matcha soft serve ice cream

B1F | Saijoen Matcha Cafe

Soft serve ice cream "Nishio's strong matcha soft serve" as a "matcha specialty store" of [Saijoen Matcha Cafe].It is a soft serve ice cream that is worth a meal, with a perfect balance between the “thickness” of matcha, which makes you feel as if you are drinking matcha, and the sweetness that you can eat deliciously until the end.You can fully enjoy the potential of matcha itself, not the matcha flavor.

Nishio's strong matcha soft serve 540Yen

An ice cream that is kind to the body and is kind to the heart

B1F |annon tea house

Always in the showcase10The types are lined up, [annon tea house] Homemade ice cream.This time, I ordered a double of "Tropical Mango" and "Mr. Ohno's Mino Musume Ichigo".The ice cream is made from a material that is gentle on the body and does not use stabilizers or emulsifiers, so it is characterized by a freshness that feels the material and a refreshing aftertaste.

Cone ice cream single550Yen, double750Yen

Limited hot dogs packed with 3 popular products

B1F | Metzgerei Inoue

The popular products of the main store in Ikeshita, Chikusa-ku, "Kakuoyama Dog", "Seriously Frankfurt", and "Currywurst"3"Currywurst Dog", which is limited to the Dai Nagoya Building store, has taken the form of a luxurious order to "want to eat at once!"When invited by the appetizing scent of curry, at the end, boldly open your big mouth and bite.

Currywurst dog 972Yen

Anko and Calpis butter for bread, the strongest bean paste butter sandwich

B1F | Good thing Bread / Family croutons

There is plenty of "Yoikotopan" in the chewy "Yoikotopan" made from the same dough as the signature product "Yoikotopan".If the bean paste and Calpis butter, which are prepared in consideration of compatibility with bread and use red beans from Tokachi, Hokkaido and do not use additives, are sandwiched, it is natural that the taste will be correct.An butter is Nagoya's proud food culture!

Good Marusei Butter Sandwich 421Yen

Mitarashi, Kuromitsu Kinako, Zunda.Japanese people feel relieved somewhere "Dango"

B1F |Ohagi3

A dumpling that Japanese people love to feel relieved. [Ohagi3]'S "Dango" has familiar flavors such as "Mitarashi Dango" with plenty of homemade bean paste and "Kuromitsu Kinako Dango" which is a big standard of Japanese sweets.At this time of year, there is also a seasonal "Zunda dumpling".Enjoy the four seasons with dumplings, a stylish way to enjoy only Japanese people.

Dumplings (Kuromitsu Kinako, Mitarashi, Zunda)2Book set300Yen

Photojek, super big size!"Big chicken excrement" that feels Taiwan with the scent

B1F | Light byTaiwan Genuine Research Institute

Finally, we will introduce recommended products from stores outside "Dai Nagoya Marche". 【light byTaiwan Dessert Research Institute] Taiwan fried chicken "large chicken dessert".The familiar super big size and the smell of spices when taken out of the bag make you feel like Taiwan (Asia).With this voluminous feel, you can use it instead of lunch.Enjoy the classic taste at the night market in Taiwan.

Large chicken pie680Yen

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