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1 minute walk from Nagoya Station.The Dai-Nagoya Building, where you can casually stop by before boarding the Shinkansen, is actually a treasure trove of gourmet takeout.We have popular bento boxes that are reminiscent of a department store basement.Ideal for daily lunches, as well as for travel and business trips.Make the bento box you can choose from the Dai Nagoya Building your strong ally.

Charcoal-grilled beef tongue bento (3 slices, 6 cuts, 1,922 yen) / Beef skirt steak bento (1,188 yen)

B1F | Aji no Ushitan Kisuke

[Aji no Gyutan Kisuke] is a long-established store that is said to have made charcoal-grilled beef tongue, a specialty of Sendai known to everyone, popular throughout the country.You can also enjoy the "authentic" beef tongue prepared by skilled craftsmen one by one in a bento box.This is the mainstream of Sendai's specialty, charcoal-grilled beef tongue.Choose your favorite seasoning from salt, sauce, or miso.Looking at the menu, I can't help but wonder about the "beef skirt steak bento", which is grilled beef skirt steak that has been marinated in a special umami sauce and aged.

"Beef Tongue Charcoal-grilled Bento" (3Pie6cut 1,922circle).thickness is approx.1cm, "Special thick grilled bento" with a dynamic texture (3Pie6Off 3,240Yen) is also available.Barley rice can be made large without additional charge.

When you want to eat meat, "beef skirt steak bento" (1,188It is natural to want to choose yen).[Ajino Beef Tongue Kisuke]'s grilled beef skirt steak is finished with a special sauce that is also used for charcoal-grilled beef tongue.

Pork Sundubu (1,188 yen) / Fried chicken and yangnyeom chicken bento box (1,188 yen)

3F | Korean Rice / Sake Restaurant Daidai

Korean food goes well with rice. For take-out of [Korean rice / Sake house Daidai], bibimbap and chicken bento are available, including Sundubu (pure tofu) on the signboard menu.Sundubu is made from pork, chicken, clams, and mushrooms.4Select the type and soup from miso or salt.A lot of rice and namul are included in the set, so the volume is also good.If you are looking for a chicken bento, don't hesitate to choose the "Aimori" of Korean fried chicken and yangnyeom chicken.

"Pork sundubu" (1,188circle).A set of rice, namul, and a soft-boiled egg.Enter the hot soup sundubu as a candidate for daily lunch.When you want another side dish,+432Boiled gyoza dumplings are included in the set.

"Karaage and yangnyeom chicken mixed bento box" (1,188circle).Korean fried chicken with a touch of garlic and yangnyeom chicken that goes well with rice.For those who want to eat both, it is expected that "Aimori" is prepared properly.

Chinese bento (750 yen) / Chili shrimp bento (750 yen)

B1F | Creative Chinese Flower Star

I want to enjoy various side dishes. [Creative Chinese Kasei]'s bento will make such a wish come true.Their representative menu, the “Chinese Bento,” is full of side dishes such as fried chicken, dumplings, sweet and sour pork, Happosai, stir-fried cashew nuts, and more. In addition to shrimp chili, the “Ebi Chili Bento” also has a lineup that is as good as the “Chinese Bento” with fried chicken, dumplings, fried noodles, and cashew nut stir-fry.The favorite of take-out bento is, after all, Chinese food!It may be.

If you're not sure which one to choose, you can't go wrong with this one.The best of Chinese food."Chinese bento" with a wide variety of side dishes (750Circle).

All of the side dishes that support the main role, shrimp chili, are also the leading role.It wouldn't be strange to call this a ``Chinese bento'' (750Circle).

NO.041 (1,500 yen) / NO.002 (1,200 yen)


You can enjoy various "eating responses" according to your mood and stomach emptyness of the day [MOLNODA] gourmet bowl.Beef thigh (100g) with avocado and egg, original rice (120g) is also included "NO.041” is when you want to eat well and feel a little luxurious.Even though it's mostly vegetables, it's rich in texture and color, and it's satisfying to eat.NO.002” satisfies the feelings of vegetable lovers. [MOLNODA]'s gourmet bowl is a form of food selfishness.

Beef thigh (100g) and original rice (120g) with a good balance of vegetables such as avocado.NO.041"(1,500Circle).100The fun of finding your favorite from more than one type of combination.

Avocado, broccoli, cashew nuts, blueberries, cherry tomatoes, carrot rapees... Anyway, it's full of fun to eat with lots of ingredients.NO.002"(1,200Circle).

Yakiniku bento (700 yen)

B1F|Teppanyaki Marugen

In Kinshicho, Tokyo40Marugen, a popular yakiniku bento restaurant that has been loved for over a year, has landed in Nagoya for the first time.4months.The taste of [Teppan Yakiniku Marugen], which is slowly gaining fans and increasing repeat customers, can be enjoyed even more casually in takeout bento boxes.Beef ribs, cabbage, and bean sprouts stir-fried in a traditional yakiniku sauce.Because it is simple, it has the strongest endorsement of the taste that has been loved for many years.Mixing the spicy miso that comes with it to change the taste is another way to enjoy eating in.

"Yakiniku Bento" (700circle).Yakiniku, rice, and namul.Because it is a clean and simple bento, I have absolute confidence in the main character, yakiniku.First, why not experience the taste of [Teppan Yakiniku Marugen] for the first time with a bento box?

▶For a detailed article on [Teppan Yakiniku Marugen] Click here for more information.

Real Bento (1,069 yen) / Grilled Chicken Bowl Bento (700 yen)

3F | Real great

A popular yakitori & fried chicken restaurant born in Nagoya [Real great] is also a store with a full takeout menu. "Deep-fried chicken bento" (700Yen), chicken fried rice bowl, grilled thigh, yakitori rice bowl, chicken nanban and chicken dishes in the lunch box.Among them, the "real bento" with deep-fried chicken and grilled chicken thighs is the big favorite.There is no doubt that you will remember the “fried chicken bento” shop, which can be said to be the basic takeout bento.Receiving is smooth if you make a phone reservation before coming to the store.

Double standby for fried chicken and grilled chicken."Real Bento" that is full of filling (1,069Circle).

"Yakitori Donbento" with lots of yakitori and thighs (sauce) cooked juicy with binchotan charcoal on top of rice (700circle).It goes without saying that rice soaked in sauce is delicious.

Chen Mapo Tofu Bento (850 yen) / Authentic Sichuan Shrimp Chili Bento (900 yen)

3F | Chen Mapo Tofu

At [Chen Mapo Tofu], you can enjoy authentic Sichuan cuisine with chili peppers and Sichuan pepper. You can take out most of the main menu, including the authentic Sichuan shrimp chili.A large serving of rice is free for lunch.By the way, even when it comes to bento, "Chen Mapo Tofu" is spicy, has the same impact, and is delicious.You can easily enjoy the deliciousness in the spiciness in a bento box.

The “Chin Mapo Tofu Bento” (850 yen) is not only spicy, but the more you eat it, the more the fragrance and flavor of the Japanese pepper fills you.If you haven't tried it yet, how about starting with a bento?

This is also one of the popular menus representing [Chin Mapo Tofu]."Authentic Sichuan Shrimp Chili Bento" (900 yen) with large shrimp filling.

▶Lunch alone at Nagoya Station.In such a case, Dai Nagoya Building will be a strong ally.The article about rice alone Click here for more information.

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