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The Dai Nagoya Building is a treasure trove of take-out sweets.We have a lineup of snacks that are perfect for “home cafe” time, where you can prepare and enjoy your favorite sweets and drinks at home.The Dai Nagoya Building supports a full-fledged home cafe!This time, we will introduce 5 recommended sweets that you should try right away.Enjoy your encounter with new sweets at Nagoya Station.

Sweet potato pineapple pie (648 yen)

B1F|Imohana Koi, Apple Pie Kotaro

[Imohanakoi] A new pie series with the essence of the proud "Imomitsu". Next to the “Imomitsu Apple Pie”, the “Imomitsu Pineapple Pie” is a combination of sauteed ripe pineapple and sweet potato paste.At this time of year, it is recommended to chill it in the refrigerator before eating.The sweetness of sweet potato paste, the aroma of almond cream, the sweetness and sourness of pineapple, and the refreshing aftertaste of a summery “cool” pie were born.

"Imomitsu Pineapple Pie" (648Circle).

W cream matcha cookie shoe (400 yen)

B1F | Saijoen Matcha Cafe

Speaking of cream puffs at [Saijoen Matcha Café], which spreads the matcha culture that Japan boasts to the world, the most famous is the “Matcha Sakusaku Puff” filled with matcha custard.In fact, another "cream puff" is available only at the Dai Nagoya Building store.The choux pastry is cookie choux that is filling, and the “double choux” sandwiched between our proud matcha custard and fresh cream are lined up in the showcase.Even without saying much, you can understand the good compatibility of matcha and fresh cream.

The white of the fresh cream complements the green of the matcha. "WCream matcha cookie shoe” (400Circle).

Plenty of seasonal fruit tart (940 yen)

B1F | La Maison Ansoleil Table Patisserie

[La Maison Ensoleil Table Patisserie] will make you stop in front of the store to see the fresh fruit tarts lined up in the showcase.The main focus is on seasonal fruits, so you can enjoy the “most seasonal” fruits you want to eat at that time in a tart.Among them, the “Seasonal Plenty of Fruit Tart”, which is overflowing with many kinds of fruits, is a favorite snack.It's a luxurious way to enjoy a tart that lets you feel the season.

*Fruits and prices may change depending on the season.

The glittering fruits are photogenic.Appetizing. "Seasonal Plenty of Fruit Tarts" (940Circle).

Good scones (plain 367 yen, chocolate 410 yen)

B1F | Good thing Bread / Family croutons

[Yoikoto Bread Family Croutons] uses only delicious and safe ingredients, and develops a "small number of elite" items that can be used for a long time every day, starting with "Yoikoto Bread".This time, I chose "good scones" as a snack candidate at home.It is a rustic scone that you can feel the flavor of wheat from Aichi Prefecture without using eggs and milk.The crumbly texture and the right amount of saltiness in the sweetness make it a taste you won't get tired of.coffee or tea?Both are a good match.

The scones of [Yoikoto Bread Family Croutons] are characterized by their square shape. "Good scones" (plain 367circle, chocolate 410Circle).

Black Tea Baum Ripe Apple Earl Gray (1 yen per hole)

B1F |annon tea house

Handles the finest black tea "Mulesna Tea" grown in Sri Lanka [annon tea house].As a snack that is perfect to accompany such tea, "Tea Baum" is prepared.The taste is ripe apple and Earl Gray.2kinds.When you eat it, the scent of black tea floats, and the texture is moist and smooth.It's not too sweet, so it doesn't interfere with the taste of your flavored tea. Marriage with black tea Baum and Muresna tea.Transform your home cafe into an elegant “tea house”.

It's a baumkuchen made by a tea shop, so of course you can make use of black tea. "Black Tea Baum Ripe Apple Earl Gray" (1hall each2,376Circle).

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