Have you drunk yet? Limited drinks with the theme of “Sunflower” are now on sale!



To commemorate the opening of "Sunflower Sky Garden 2023", we are selling limited drinks with the theme of "Sunflower"! There are four types of photogenic drinks on the menu, including fruit tea soda from [annon tea house] and frozen smoothie from [Saijoen Matcha Cafe].There is also a “student discount” service that gives you a discount if you show your student ID at the time of purchase.

A photogenic drink inspired by "sunflowers".Happy student discount service

"Sunflower Sky Garden2023In commemoration of the event, at four stores of Dai Nagoya Building Shops & RestaurantsLimited drink "Sunflower drink" is on sale.During the period, if you present your student ID card at the store, we will also offer a special student discount service (only for takeout purchases) where the target drink will be discounted. This year's unique with "Sunflower Drink" at "Sunflower Sky Garden"1Try taking a picture.The photos taken areInstagramwith the hashtag "#Dai Nagoya Building ""#sunflower drink#Make sure to post it with the "Best drink".

<Period>2023Years7Month21Sunday (Friday) ~8Month31Sun (Thursday)

<Participating stores> Teppan Yakiniku Marugen [B1F], Saijoen Matcha Cafe [B1F],annon tea house[B1F],YURT [2F]

*Discounts by showing your student ID card cannot be combined with other discounts.

Corn latte milk (450 yen) *Student discount price is 400 yen

B1F|Teppanyaki Marugen

Hokkaido corn100% rich corn cream combined with rich milk to bring out the flavor of the "corn latte".To finish, the surface is roasted with a burner, and the fragrant smell of corn is also topped.Take a photogenic photo just for you using the stickers you get separately.

*The actual product will be provided in a plastic cup.

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Sunflower Matcha Frozen Smoothie (790 yen) *Student discount price is 710 yen

B1F | Saijoen Matcha Cafe

[Saijoen Matcha Cafe] Our signature frozen matcha smoothie is topped with pineapple and tapioca to give it a “sunflower” look!A new discovery that sweet and bitter matcha and sweet and sour pineapple actually go well together.

Sunflower-colored fruit tea soda (780 yen) *Student discount price is 700 yen <takeout only>

B1F |annon tea house

White peach mango flavored tea soda topped with frozen mango, frozen pineapple, and jelly. The taste and appearance are perfect for summer.A refreshing summer drink unique to tea specialty stores.

Lemon squash (730 yen) *Student discount price is 657 yen <takeout only>


One of the drinks that you want to drink in summer "Lemon squash". [DORM], lemon squash with orange, kiwi, and pink grapefruit3It has a beautiful finish with different types of jelly.

▶20239Month18Scheduled to be held until Sunday (Mon/Holiday).The article on "Sunflower Sky Garden 2023"please use this form.

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