Premonition of a boom coming? !A store specializing in the popular drink "Corn Latte" from South Korea has opened!



The take-out drink specialty store attached to [Teppan Yakiniku Marugen] on the B1F of the Dai Nagoya Building has been renewed.It has been reborn as [MY LATTE], which mainly uses the new drink "Corn Latte", which has a premonition of a new boom.There are many toppings that go well with drinks, so if you customize it to your liking, you can really enjoy the “my latte” feeling.

Corn cream x milk "absolutely delicious" combination rich latte

Did you know that [Teppan Yakiniku Marugen], which is gaining popularity as a teppan yakiniku specialty store and Korean izakaya, also has a take-out drink specialty store?8Month1On Tuesday (Tuesday), it was renewed as a specialty store for the new hot drink "Corn Latte".that name as well,【MY LATTE].Drinks made with corn, a popular ingredient in Korea?I checked it right away.

The basic menu item, "Corn Latte Milk," has a two-layer structure: the top layer is rich corn cream made only from Hokkaido corn, and the bottom layer is specially prepared milk to bring out the flavor.Although it has a rich taste, it is a drink that you can drink up to the end.To finish, the surface is roasted with a burner, and the fragrant smell of corn is also accented.Straws, cup covers, and logo stickers are daringly self-service.Stick the stickers where you like and take your own “My Latte Photo”.

From the left of the photo "Corn Latte Coffee" (480yen), "Corn latte milk" (450circle).Be the first to check out the Korean-born drink that has a premonition of the next boom.

The fun of finding “my latte” by customizing “corn latte” with toppings

MY LATTE] Corn latte with milk1"Corn latte coffee" with original coffee added is also available.In addition, you can add toppings such as Korean popular confectionery "Joripon" to the corn latte for an additional fee. "Corn latte milk" and "Jolipon" (+50Yen) topped with “우유퐁 (wooyupon)”, “corn latte milk” and “milk pudding” (+100There is also a playfulness that changes the name such as "우유우유 (Uyuyuu)" when topped with yen.The toppings include coffee jelly, brown sugar warabi mochi, azuki ice cream, brown sugar ice cream, and black tea ice cream.As the store name suggests, find your own “my latte” by making full use of the toppings.

Because the surface of the drink is roasted, the toppings are put in the drink.The toppings change the texture, flavor, and taste, so find the best combination.The most recommended item in the shop is the “Joripon” topping, which is unique to Korea.

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