Ice cream at Nagoya Station.Nishio matcha soft serve ice cream or authentic Italian gelato?



Even if it's not summer, ice cream is a different experience."Ice cream" has established itself as a genre of sweets.At Dai Nagoya Building, we offer premium soft serve ice cream made with matcha from Nishio and gelato that is faithful to the authentic Italian taste.Convenience store ice cream is of course good, but if you come to Nagoya Station, cool down with a different ice cream.

The matcha soft serve made by a “matcha professional” is a “strong” matcha that will make you feel like you are drinking matcha.

B1F | Saijoen Matcha Cafe

[Saijoen] is a brand that proposes a new matcha experience by Aiya, which continues to lead the global matcha market.Because they know everything about matcha, their sweets and drinks are full of new discoveries and possibilities of matcha.Among them, the ``Dark Matcha Soft'', which uses a luxurious amount of ``Nishio Matcha'' from Nishio City, Aichi Prefecture, which is highly rare, is one of its most representative menu items.As the name suggests, we are particular about the "thickness" of the matcha, but the sweetness has also been set to an exquisite level through trial and error so that you can eat it till the end without getting bored.It has both the matcha flavor that makes you feel like you are drinking matcha, and the satisfying taste of soft serve ice cream.Be sure to try our authentic matcha soft serve, which even matcha lovers will be satisfied with.

Let's start with a simple soft serve ice cream. "Mixed soft serve (strong matcha & Hokkaido milk)" (600Circle).

``Dark matcha soft serve (matcha warabi mochi and brown sugar syrup)'' with toppings that feels like a parfait (780Circle).

202310Month2New products scheduled to be released on Sunday (Monday)#Saijoen Monaka Ice” (780circle).Sandwiched in the middle is Saijoen's original matcha ice cream wrapped in caramel-flavored gyuhi.The toppings of red bean paste, butter, and rock salt accentuate the flavor.

Not only the pizza, but also the gelato, which is made authentically. Rich gelato made by “artisans”

1F |SOLO PIZZA Napoletana

A restaurant where you can enjoy “official Neapolitan pizza” recognized by Naples [SOLO PIZZA Napoletana] also makes authentic gelato.After tasting gelato all over Italy, a craftsman who studied at the Gelato University in Bologna handles everything from making the base to filling the cup.100% handmade gelato.The gelato base is characterized by its rich and firm body, made with instant high-temperature sterilized "specially concentrated milk" and rich egg yolk, just like in Italy.This gelato has a rich and firm aftertaste that leaves a lingering aftertaste in your mouth.Because the base is solid, all flavors are strong regardless of the ingredients you pair it with.SOLO PIZZA Napoletana] Only gelato made by maids.However, I'm always curious about seasonal flavors.

"Autumn Gelato"3Tane-mori” (eat-in 539Yen, take out529circle).Mont Blanc, apple grape, chocolate chip milk3Autumn limited set with assorted seeds and special cookies.

“Takumi Gelato” is always10Available in different flavors.Size is single (eat-in) 363From yen, takeout 356yen ~), double (eat-in) 429From yen, takeout 421yen ~), triple (eat-in 539From yen, takeout529Yen ~)3kinds.Choose from homemade cone or cup.Pictured are Bronte pistachios, tiramisu, and cesari.!!(Mellow Milk & Vanilla) triple.

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