The season to “miss” sweet potatoes has arrived. [Imohana Koi] All sweet potato sweets served



What do you like about the taste of autumn?Among the many autumn flavors, sweet potatoes are loved by men and women of all ages.In the Dai Nagoya Building, there is a sweet potato sweets specialty store called Imo Karen.So, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce all the "Sweet Potato Sweets" available at [Imohana Koi Dai Nagoya Building Branch].Let's eat all the charm of sweet potatoes, the representative taste of autumn.

First, we will introduce three sweet potato sweets that are both popular and effective.

First of all, it is no exaggeration to say that they are the “three major” products of the highly popular [Imohana Koi].3From the item.1The second one is "Imomitsu Karinto".Carefully fried sweet potatoes (Naruto Kintoki imo) that are thinly sliced ​​to make them easier to eat are mixed with plenty of [Imohana Koi's special sweet potato honey] that comes with the dish.This is the signature product of [Imohana Koi], where the natural sweetness of sweet potatoes fills your mouth and you won't be able to stop eating it.Next is “Imo Dora”.Craftsmen use carefully selected eggs and flour from Aichi Prefecture to create1Pie1The hand-baked dough is moist and chewy.Not only does it go well with Naruto Kintoki red bean paste from Tokushima Prefecture, but it also has a delicious dough.Lastly, we have the ``Amamitsu Sweet Potato,'' which is very popular among women.This luxurious sweet is made with honey potatoes from Kagoshima Prefecture, and combines the best of roasted sweet potato and sweet potato with a fragrant flavor and melt-in-your-mouth soft-boiled texture.All of them are popular items that are hard to rank. [Imohana Koi] is full of the fun of wondering which one to choose.

“Imomitsu Karinto” (680circle).This product, which is commonly called "Imo Kenpi", is called "Imo Karinto" in Kagoshima.No added sugar, so you can fully enjoy the sweet potential of sweet potatoes.Best before7days.

“Imo Dora” (260circle). “Imo-dora” (Naruto Kintoki sweet potato bean paste) and “Hana-dora” (adzuki bean)6Individual sets include box and bag charges.2,049circle.Perfect for souvenirs.

"Sweet Potato" (648circle).Although it is a sweet potato, it definitely has a “roasted potato” feel.This is a product that can only be found at a specialty store that knows everything about sweet potatoes.

Sweet potato sweets are lined up both inside and on top of the showcase.Collaboration products too

When you look inside the showcase, the one that catches your eye is the "Imo King Pie."This new pie, which combines sautéed apples, [Imohana Koi]'s proud sweet potato paste with sweet potato honey, and custard cream, is created by a patisserie in Nagakute City, Aichi Prefecture.Patisserie HIThis is a collaboration product with.Even in the showcase alone, there are many products of interest, such as the easy-to-eat stick-type ``Anno Potato Tart,'' the ``chilled sweet potato,'' and the ``Mizuwarabimochi Imomitsu Crystal,'' which are slowly becoming a hot topic.Furthermore, if you look at the top of the showcase, you will see the words ``Otoko Karinto'' that you cannot miss.Karinto, a sweet potato karinto mixed with spicy black pepper, is said to be a perfect accompaniment to alcohol.We also have sweets full of ideas that can only be found at a specialty store, such as the popular souvenir ``Anno Imo Glacé'' and the crunchy candy ``Amendoro Imomitsu Taffy''.Sweet potatoes have endless possibilities as a sweet ingredient.It's easy to see why sweet potatoes are loved as a fall flavor.

Our pastry chef has created a unique pie using sweet potato honey from Imoka Koi. "Imo King Pie" (1piece675Circle).

``Anno Potato Tart'' is a stick-type tart made with luxurious Tanegashima Anno potatoes (1Our 324Circle).

"Chilled roasted sweet potato (Aged Beniharuka)" has a reputation for having a concentrated sweetness when it is cold.1Our 350Circle).

"Mizuwarabimochi Imomitsu Crystal" (1450circle).Enjoy clear, round water warabimochi topped with [Imohana Koi] sweet potato honey.

Sweet potato karin and chips2``Men's Karinto'' where you can enjoy different kinds (680Circle).

``Gokujyo Hoshiyaki Imo'' has a moist texture made using a half-dry manufacturing method (11,188Circle).

Imokenpi is a masterpiece of sweets made with sweet potatoes. “Satsuma Kenpi sweet potato tailoring” (1540Circle).

I would like to remember it as a souvenir candidate.2merchandise. “Anno Imo Glacé” (1788yen), “Anno Imo Yokan” (1Our 1,188Circle).

Anno sweet potato, Beni Haruka, and purple sweet potato3Each type9All pieces one by one27Comes in pieces.Crunchy candy made with sweet potato honey ``Amendoro Imo Honey Taffy'' (1can 1,188Circle).

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