[2024 Edition] Dai Nagoya Building proposes a Valentine's gift that is not chocolate



Valentine's Day is about more than just chocolate. Dai Nagoya Building's Valentine's Day offers options that go beyond chocolate to suit the recipient's preferences. After all, the most important thing is to make the other person happy. That's what it means. We have a wide selection of Valentine's Day gift items that you will be happy to receive, such as Japanese sweets, candies, and tea gifts. This Valentine's Day, keep an eye out for gifts that aren't chocolates.

Heart-shaped strawberry daifuku (from 680 yen)

B1F | Kakuoyama Fruit Daifuku Bensaiten

Speaking of fruit daifuku from [Kakuozan Fruit Daifuku Benzaiten], we are proud of the beauty of the cut section. A subtle surprise after threading the special mochi cutting thread. ``Heart-shaped Strawberry Daifuku'' prepared exclusively for Valentine's Day is, as the name suggests, a strawberry daifuku with a heart-shaped cross section. Your thoughts can be conveyed through fruit daifuku that will make anyone smile when they look at the cross section before eating. This is a “photogenic” daifuku that will make you want to take a photo. We use the best varieties of strawberries at that time of year, including ``Tochiaika'' and ``Amaou.''

※The photograph is an image.

Matcha Senbon (2,300 yen)

B1F | Saijoen Matcha Cafe

A collaboration product with Kuririn, a Japanese chestnut Mont Blanc specialty store in Osu, Nagoya. Beneath the "Matcha Senbon" made with Japanese chestnut Mont Blanc mixed with plenty of matcha from Nishio from Saijoen, there is hidden a chewy daifuku filled with matcha cream. This product was created through trial and error, paying particular attention to the blending ratio of chestnuts and matcha, as well as the balance of taste with daifuku. These are creative sweets that are a fusion of Japanese and Western styles, allowing you to once again experience the compatibility of chestnuts and matcha, two of the most representative ingredients in Japanese sweets.

in 1 box9Contains individual Daifuku. Carefully cut into pieces using the included spatula. “Matcha Senbon” (2,300Circle).

Tea cube box + tea sauce gift set (3,356 yen)

B1F |annon tea house

It's easy and fun to chooseannon tea house] Muresna Tea Gift. Among them, the tea "cube box", which features a unique package with a message, is a versatile gift item that can be freely combined according to the recipient. This time, in the image of Valentine's Day, we will introduce "Cube Box"2Pieces(1Individual 918yen) and "tea sauce"1bottle(1,080yen) in a special gift box (440yen). We will give you the “scent of black tea” that colors your daily life. A gift that enriches your heart.

Gift packaging for cube boxes is2-3Individually wrapped (77circle),4individual box (440circle),6individual box (495yen's3Prepare types. This time,4We use gift wrapping in individual boxes.

Le Petit Calon [2018, box included] (4,950 yen)

B1F | Wine Shop Enoteca

A rare and limited edition box made by Calon Ségur, a popular chateau known for its heart-shaped label.1Book. The finish inherits the style of ``Calon Segur,'' which has a taste that is familiar to everyone, but also has the elegance and strength of black fruits.18It is said to be the beloved chateau of the Marquis de Ségur, who owned it around the 19th century, and it is a well-known story that the heart-shaped label embodies this sentiment. “Heart-shaped wine” for Valentine’s Day. It couldn't be more perfect1There are no books.

The heart-shaped label, which can be said to be the symbol of "Karon Segur", will liven up the Valentine's day mood. Wine is also the perfect gift for someone who doesn't like sweets.

Valentine Mix (BAG 730 yen, SJAR 980 yen), Kyun Desu Chocolate (3,240 yen), Flower Gift Lolipop (790 yen), Valentine Rocky Road (Mini 840 yen, Assortment 2,700 yen)

B1F | Pub blur

Art candy shop [Papa Buble] which is very popular in the gift scene.2024For Valentine's Day this year, items with "flower motifs" are the focus. “Valentine Mix” includes roses, tulips, etc.5It comes with a variety of flower-patterned candies, making it a perfect gift. Also, pay attention to the “Kyun Desu Chocolate” which is shaped like a finger heart. Give it as a set with "Flower Gift Lolipop" and convey your "love" in a unique way. Rocky Road, a must-see for those with a sweet tooth, will also be available in Valentine's Day edition.

“Valentine Mix” (BAG730Circle,SJAR980Circle).

``Kyun Desu Choco'' is an artwork-like finish that elaborately expresses finger hearts with chocolate (3,240circle). Actually, if you purchase it as a set with a lollipop (candy stick)...

``Flower Gift Lolipop'' candy with a ``flower'' motif that seems to be a gift product (each790Circle).

"Kyun Desu Chocolate" can also be used as a lollipop stand. If you purchase them as a set, you can create a more Valentine's gift feeling.

The popular product ``Rocky Road'', which combines chocolate and marshmallow, is also available for Valentine's Day. Valentine Rocky Road (Mini) 840Circle).

“Valentine Rocky Road” is an assortment of two types of “Rocky Road” (assorted 2,700Circle).

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