[Mornoda Nagoya Station store] The staff will teach you their own “custom gourmet bowl”



At MOLNODA, you can enjoy endless custom gourmet bowls by combining over 100 types of base menus and toppings. This time, we asked the staff who actually work at the Nagoya Station store to tell us about their personal "My Custom Gourmet Bowl". If you are unsure about it for the first time, please use this as a reference when ordering. Enjoy your own gourmet bowl according to your tastes and how hungry you are that day.

We propose a “Gattsuri-don” menu that overturns the image that MOLNODA = salad.

MOLNODA] I think there is a strong impression that gourmet bowls are salads, so in order to overturn that impression, we came up with a custom gourmet bowl for people who don't like vegetables or who want to eat heartily. Plenty of beef belly100gHas entered"No.69” Based on2Add different types of cheese and cashew nuts to increase the flavor. It's a combination that you can enjoy as if it were a bowl of rice. (MOLNODA Nagoya Station store Mr. Umaji)

No.69(1,520yen) *Original rice+Onion slice+Carrot Rape+Kaiware+Beef Harami100g(Special Japanese-style steak sauce)

Parmesan cheese (200yen), cashew nuts (150yen), mozzarella cheese (230Circle)


I want to eat that, I want to eat this too. In that case, it's a gourmet bowl with almost everything on it.

Beef, chicken, rice, salad [MOLNODA] Take the best parts. We came up with a super luxurious gourmet bowl that feels like you can put everything on top. It also contains cut bacon, boiled eggs, and mozzarella cheese, so it's very filling and filling. [MOLNODA] That's why we have created a selfish gourmet bowl that takes full advantage of the customizable ways to enjoy it! (MOLNODA Nagoya Station store Minashima)

No.777(400circle) ※MIXBase60g(spinach+romaine lettuce)

Beef fillet50g(600yen), chicken thighs50g(250yen), avocado (190yen), boiled egg (130yen), mozzarella cheese (230yen), original rice120g(220yen), Carrot Lape (120yen), sweet corn (120yen), cut bacon (150yen), sherry vinegar dressing (included in base price)


*In the base menu,No.777"MOLNODAThis will be a custom bowl menu that can only be ordered through the official app.

The main character is ``cilantro''. After much trial and error to find the best lineup for that purpose, this is what I came up with.

The theme is "What toppings will bring out the best in your favorite coriander?" After searching for a way to enjoy cilantro even more deliciously, we came up with this topping combination. Beef Harami100g, avocado, cashew nuts, original rice120gIt contains so much that it's satisfying to eat. As for the dressing, ``Sweet Chili'' with its ethnic scent is the best. (MOLNODA Nagoya Station store Mr. Watanabe)

No.777(400yen) *Spinach base60g

Beef fillet100g(1,200yen), avocado (190yen), coriander (250yen), Parmesan cheese (200yen), cashew nuts (150yen), original rice120g(220yen), cherry tomatoes (120yen), Carrot Lape (120yen), sweet corn (120yen), sweet chili dressing (included in base price)


*In the base menu,No.777"MOLNODAThis will be a custom bowl menu that can only be ordered through the official app.

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