[Tenmusuya Kiten], a unique evolution of Nagoya Meshi's "Tenmusu", is open for a limited time!



``Tenmusu'', a combination of shrimp tempura and rice ball, is a representative gourmet dish of Nagoya. A new face [Tenmusuya Kiten], which is a further evolution of ``Tenmusu'', which is well known and popular as a Nagoya starch, has opened for a limited time at Dai Nagoya Marche. We offer a wide variety of products that go beyond just shrimp tempura, and offer ways to enjoy them with different flavors. The Reiwa era Nagomeshi “Kiten” is a must-see!

Visualize tempura as the horns of a demon. Sublimating Tenmusu culture with unique ideas

``Tenmusu'' is a local gourmet dish that is also counted as Nagoya rice and has many fans all over the country. Normally, it refers to rice balls made with shrimp tempura as an ingredient, but at Tenmusuya Kiten, they sublimate the culture of tenmusu with the idea of ​​"tempura x rice balls." In addition to shrimp tempura, various tempura ingredients are used as ingredients, such as mentaiko, pickled plums, maitake mushrooms, and eel, all designed to go well with the rice ball. [Tenmusuya Kiten]'s commitment is to ``gently hold'' the secret rice, which is made by cooking several types of carefully selected rice using a unique method. Currently, the popularity ranking of Dai Nagoya Building store is as follows:1Rank ``Shrimp Heaven'',2Ranked ``Shirasu Shiba'',3It seems that the order is ``Mentaiko''. The small size is perfect for when you're feeling a little hungry, which is why you can enjoy it in a wide variety of situations. Perfect for breakfast or lunch, or as a souvenir or present. Of course, it also makes a great “Nagoya souvenir”.

A new takeout specialty store has opened in Dai Nagoya Marche. It is also attracting attention as a souvenir unique to Nagoya.

Let's start with this. also1The most popular "shrimp tempura" (240Circle).

“Shirasu Shisoba” (shirasu shisoba), whose scent and texture whet your appetite240Circle).

Mentaiko, a classic onigiri ingredient, can also be made into tempura. "Mentaiko" (240Circle).

Dip it in the special ``magic soup stock'' to make it taste like dashi chazuke. Suggesting ways to enjoy Tenmusu with a different taste

What's even more noteworthy is the ``magical dashi soup'' that is sold together with the tempura at the store. [Tenmusuya Kiten]'s new proposal is to enjoy ochazuke style with a special soup stock prepared for dipping tenmusu. It's like eating tempura with tempura soup, and of course the soup stock and tempura go well together, making it an item that expands the possibilities of ``tempura'' even further. This is truly Nagoya Meshi for the Reiwa era. Try the ``Tenmusu'' from [Tenmusuya Kiten] once. In addition,2024Years3Month17This is a limited time shop until Sunday.

A new and unlikely proposal to eat tenmusu by dipping it in soup stock. "Magic Dashi" (150yen) is on sale at the store.

The “Ten” logo mark with demon horns as a design accent is a landmark.

When giving gifts or presents, please use a large paper bag with the logo on it.70yen, small40yen). Box and paper bag included4Individual set “Four Heavenly Kings” (880yen) or6Individual set “Rokujizo” (1,300circle),12Individual set “Junihitoe” (2,600yen) are also available. For the set, you can choose your favorite rice balls.

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