Recipe to enjoy "Matcha" from [Saijoen Matcha Cafe]. I will teach you how to enjoy and make use of matcha at home.



At Saijoen Matcha Cafe, a brand produced by Aiya, a matcha manufacturer in Nishio City, Aichi Prefecture, who is a leader in the matcha industry, you can purchase not only take-out sweets but also matcha. Matcha is an item that can be used not only as it is at home, but also as a secret ingredient in dishes and sweets. This time, we will be proposing a recipe using matcha from Dai Nagoya Building. All of them are "easy menus" that you can try right away tomorrow.

First of all, feel free to take a drink. Japan can enjoy the “Matcha” culture that [Saijoen] is proud of to the world at home.

There are many types of matcha, and [Saijoen Matcha Cafe] handles a wide variety of matcha. First of all, we use organic tea that is carefully ground from tencha grown using the power of nature without relying on pesticides or chemical fertilizers.YESCertified organic matcha (organic matcha). Next, for more everyday matcha, there are two types of matcha: ``koicha'' and ``usicha.''2Prepare types. ``Koicha'' is characterized by its high quality and elegant aroma, which is rich in umami and does not feel astringent, and is mainly used during the ``temae'' tea ceremony. On the other hand, ``Usucha'' is also called ``Ousu'' and is often used for tea parties with large numbers of people or for hospitality at Zen temples, and is the most commonly consumed tea on a daily basis. Please enjoy Japan's world-renowned matcha culture at home, with its bright yellow color and rich aroma.

An example of matcha sold at [Saijoen Matcha Cafe]. From the left of the photo: "Organic Matcha Kazeka" (30g 1,428yen), “Usucha Shinen no Shiro” (30g 2,376yen), “Ususha Yuzan” (30g 1,188circle). Among them, ``Usucha Shinen no Shiro'' is a product we are proud of, and although it is a light brown, it boasts the quality of a strong tea.

Matcha rice ball [salmon, cheese & kelp]

<Materials> *4Individual

Matcha (teaspoon)1/2),cooked rice(320g), salmon flakes (tsp.2), salt kelp (2g), baby cheese (1), grilled seaweed (appropriate amount), salt (appropriate amount), white sesame seeds (appropriate amount) *This recipe uses "Usuka Yuzan".

<How to make>

1.Baby cheese5Cut into mm squares. Finely chop the salted kelp. Have a meal4Divide into equal parts, add water, salt, and white sesame seeds to your hands, then add the cheese and salted kelp and squeeze into a triangle shape.

2.2 pieces are salmon,2The pieces are cheese and salted kelp. Put the salmon flakes into the rice and squeeze into a triangle shape.

3. Sprinkle matcha all over the salmon. Sprinkle matcha on the cheese and konbu here and there. Finish by wrapping it in seaweed if you like.

Matcha truffle with black beans

<Materials> *10Individual

Matcha (tablespoon)1+For finishing matcha (appropriate amount), fresh cream (40 tsp), white chocolate (80g/Bar of chocolate2pieces), boiled black beans (10grains) *This recipe uses ``Usucha Shinen no Shiro.''

<How to make>

1.Pour the fresh cream into a heat-resistant bowl and loosely cover with plastic wrap.20~30Range up in seconds. Sift in the matcha and mix thoroughly.

2. Add crushed white chocolate to [1] and loosely cover with plastic wrap.20~30Microwave for a second and mix until smooth (if it doesn't melt easily, microwave it each time).

3. Mix while soaking in ice water, and when it becomes thick, use a spoon to spread it on a cookie sheet.10Divide into pieces and top with boiled black beans. in the fridge30~40Cool for about a minute.

4. [3]of1Roll each piece and finish by sprinkling with matcha.

Matcha and strawberry shake latte

<Materials> *1cupful

[A] Matcha (teaspoon1), hot water (tsp2

[B]milk(50g),Yogurt(50g),Vanilla ice cream(100g

[For coating] Matcha (teaspoon)1/2), hot water (tsp1/2

[Topping] Strawberry jam (tablespoon)1),strawberry(1pieces), matcha (appropriate amount), freeze-dried strawberries (appropriate amount)

*This recipe uses "Organic Matcha Kazeka".

<How to make>

1. Combine [A] and dissolve the matcha.

2. Mix and dissolve the matcha for coating, and use a spoon to coat the inside of the glass.

3. In the mixer [B] and [1] and stir to make a shake.

4. [2] Add strawberry jam to the bottom of the glass, and3] Pour the shake. Sprinkle matcha and strawberry powder (freeze-dried strawberries) on top, and decorate the edge of the glass with strawberries to complete.

*This recipe is an original recipe devised by Dai Nagoya Building.

<Recipe supervision> Hiroko Ogawa (

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