Looking for my “best” Mulesna tea at Nagoya’s tea specialty store [Annon Tea House]



[annon tea house] is a specialty store that sells Sri Lankan-born high-quality black tea, "Mresna Tea." Over 100 types of flavored tea packages are always lined up in the store, and just by looking at them and picking them up one by one, you'll be drawn into the charm of black tea. This time, I was specially allowed to taste the products I was interested in in the store, and found my "best" Mulesna tea. Bring black tea closer to you and enjoy Mulesna tea every day.

An interesting worldview that is conveyed. Read the package carefully and choose the flavor that interests you.

``Please feel free to choose the flavor you're interested in,'' says the shop owner. [annon tea houseThe packaging of Mulesna Tea handled by ] is characterized by its unique world view copy and design. The messages are drawn in ways that will make you chuckle, highlighting the charm of each flavor. First, we were asked to read the message written on the package and choose the flavor we were interested in. This time, we chose “White Peach Earl Grey,” “Blue Vidro,” and “Bitter Chocolat.”3kinds.

First, let's start with "White Peach Earl Grey". The moment it comes out, there is a fruity aroma reminiscent of white peach itself. Take a sip, surprised by the realistic scent of white peach fruit. It has a refreshing and clean taste that is different from the usual image of black tea, and you can gulp it down. ``Blue Vidro'' is a complete change in flavor, with a combination of Earl Gray and jasmine that is reminiscent of black tea, with an elegant and mature flavor. Lastly, ``Bitter Chocolat'', which attracts you with the sweet scent of chocolate, has a reassuring taste that will make you feel gentle and take a breather.1It was difficult to narrow it down to just one type, and each one showed its own unique expression. In addition, while comparing the straight tea that I mentioned earlier with added sugar, I tried ``White Peach Earl Grey'' and ``Bitter Chocolat.''2As I was contemplating narrowing it down, I found myself saying, ``Wait a minute.1We'll give you different kinds,'' the owner said.

Pick up each unique package one by one and decipher the differences in flavor. When buying a gift, some people choose it based on the message written on the package.

The most popular flavor is "White Peach Earl Grey".2.5gof tea bags11The packaged “cube box” is918Circle.

``Blue Vidro'' has a strong following of fans who say ``I like it because it tastes like black tea.'' cube box (2.5g×11package) is918Circle.

"Bitter Chocolat" was introduced in time for the Valentine's Day season. cube box (2.5g×11package) is918Circle.

chose3Special tasting of different types. I drank it as straight tea without adding any sugar. Each one has its own personality,1It's quite difficult to narrow it down to one type.

We also sampled straight tea with sugar (sensouto). Just adding sugar changes the flavor impression a little.

Introducing a fourth flavor that will blow away your worries about choosing between the two! "Earl Gray Chocolate"

If you're having trouble deciding between "White Peach Earl Grey" and "Bitter Chocolate," the owner offers "Earl Gray Chocolat." This flavor, which is the most popular among the chocolate flavors, has a taste with elegance and individuality that makes it worthy of being called "modest chocolate." My “best” Muresna tea has been decided to be “Earl Gray Chocolat”! [annon tea house] recommends that you not only enjoy it straight or with sugar, but also try flavored tea with ``Super Lemon Tea'' to enjoy the change in aroma and spread of flavor. [annon tea houseWhile learning how to make "Super Lemon Tea" proposed by ], we will introduce recommended flavors suitable for lemon tea.2I was asked to choose the type.

``Earl Gray Chocolat'' that I had the opportunity to taste additionally. cube box (2.5g×11package) is918Circle.

I drank this time4Out of all the varieties, I chose "Earl Gray Chocolat" as my "best" Mulesnaty.

Flavored tea with lemon tea. “Super Lemon Tea” proposed by [annon tea house]

All you need is a tea bag2Bao (5gdegree), soft water300~350 ml, Washed sugar20g, lemon with peel1/8cut. The most important thing to do when drinking black tea is to always brew it with soft water. The freshness and condition of the tea leaves in Muresna tea are good, so the tea leaves open firmly as soon as hot water is poured into the tea. So there is no need to soak it for a long time. Immediately remove the tea bag (if using tea leaves, strain it).OK. Sugar is a little more than the image20g, let's put in plenty. Don't just squeeze the lemon, grate the rind on a grater to fully transfer the lemon flavor to the tea (if you don't have fresh lemons, you can also use lemon juice). “Super Lemon Tea” is now complete! Adding lemon changes the flavor impression, so be sure to try drinking straight tea and lemon tea to compare. Recommended flavors for lemon tea are ``Fruit of Eden,'' which is a blend of mango, apple, and pine, and ``New York Orange,'' which is a blend of mango, orange, and strawberry. The addition of lemon makes the flavor even more interesting.

First, warm up the cup with hot water and start. The key is to always brew black tea with soft water.

hot water300~350 mlOn the other hand, in the case of tea bags2Bao. Brew quickly with plenty of tea leaves.

After pouring hot water, quickly strain it. The time to steep the tea leaves is3~5About seconds. Since the tea leaves of Muresna tea are fresh, the tea leaves open well even in a short period of time.

Sugar is an important seasoning for black tea.20gAs a guide, add a little more. [annon tea house】In this case, we use washed sugar.

In addition to the juice of lemons, grate the rind on a grater to add flavor. Finally, soak the lemon in the tea and it's done.

"1000``Fruit of Eden'', which claims to be ``black tea with % fruit''. cube box (2.5g×11package) is918Circle.

New York Orange is a particularly long-selling fruit blend. cube box (2.5g×11package) is918Circle.

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