Budget within 3,000 yen. We asked the candy shop [Papa Bublé] at Nagoya Station to come up with a themed gift.



PAPABUBBLE is an art candy specialty store from Barcelona, ​​Spain. In Japan, the main item is candy called ``kumiame,'' which has letters or pictures drawn on the cross section, but they also have a variety of other sweets. Therefore, it is attractive that it can be used for any gift occasion. This time, we assumed three situations and asked them to come up with gift sets within a budget of 3 yen. The password of the Great Nagoya Building. If you are having trouble finding a gift, go to [Papa Bublé].

Express your daily gratitude with “Thank You Mix”. Thank you gift for colleague

PAPABUBBLE〉's main product, Art Candy, is sold under the name ``〇〇 Mix,'' which contains multiple flavors at random. In addition, a bag of ``BAG”, bottled “SJAR"Or"MJARThere are also a wide variety of sizes available. This gift situation number1The theme is ``Thank You Gifts'' for your colleagues at work. Express your daily gratitude with "Thank You Mix". “Thank You Mix” is a kiwi-flavored “THANK YOU”, strawberry-flavored “ladybug”, mango-flavored “four-leaf clover”, etc.5Contains different types of candy. One of the charms of Papa Bublé is that it has a selection of clever candies that look like gifts.

Image of art candy "Thank You Mix".

"Thank You Mix" (SJAR830yen), "Bubblets" (2Pieces included 320circle). gift wrapping(SSize 150Total including yen)1,300Circle.

"Thank You Mix" (SJAR830yen), "Bubblets" (2Piece ×2640yen), "salted caramel" (690circle). gift wrapping(LSize 190total including yen)2,350Circle.

The gummy “Bubbles” from PAPABUBBLE, which has many fans for its “sticky feel,” is perfect for gifts.

First2The theme is "Gifts to bring home". first time<PAPABUBBLEI think there are many people who eat sweets from 〉, so I chose the standard ``Fruit Mix'' for Art Candy. Furthermore, along with art candy, popular <PAPABUBBLE>’s gummy “Bubblets” is also a must-have item. Calling it “sticky feeling” is exactly right! Bubblets, which have a unique texture that resembles the fruit itself and a fruity taste, are a signature product that many people become fans of once they try them. moreover,<PAPABUBBLE〉's soft caramel ``salted caramel'' has a bittersweet and rich aftertaste. Please try this one as well.

Image of art candy "Fruit Mix".

"Fruit mix" (BAG590yen), "Bubblets" (2Pieces included 320yen), "salted caramel" (690circle). gift wrapping(MSize 170total including yen)1,770Circle.

"Fruit mix" (BAG590yen), "Bubblets" (9Pieces included 1,280yen), "salted caramel" (690circle). gift wrapping(LSize 190total including yen)2,750Circle.

Focusing on the ``Birthday Mix'', a must-have birthday present, we are fully displaying our happy aura.

First3The theme is "Birthday Gifts for Friends." When it comes to birthdays, Art Candy's "Birthday Mix" is a sure thing. The candy inside is a strawberry-flavored “shortcake” and a random fruit-flavored “candy.”HAPPY BIRTHDAY”, “Margaret” and “Present Box”4kinds. moreover,<PAPABUBBLEAdd ``Bubblets'' and ``Lollipop'' gummies to create a gift set that will fill you with a happy birthday aura. ``Lollipop'' is a candy with a ``round and round'' design that is popularly known as ``Lolpero Candy'' in Japan. The cute appearance and pop are perfect!

Image of art candy "Birthday Mix".

"Birthday Mix" (SJAR830yen), "Bubblets" (2Pieces included 320yen), lollipop (SSSize 380circle). gift wrapping(MSize 170total including yen)1,700Circle.

"Birthday Mix" (SJAR830yen), "Bubblets" (9Pieces included 1,280yen), lollipop (SSize 590circle). gift wrapping(LSize 190total including yen)2,750Circle.

By combining products, we can accommodate any occasion and price range. Gift wrapping also available

The reason why [Papa Bublé] is so strong in the gift scene is that we have a wide range of products and prices, and by combining them we can respond to any occasion or price range. Of course, all3Gift wrapping of various sizes is also available. In addition to the standard products, be sure to check out the limited edition products that are released each season. Papabubure is especially good for events such as Valentine's Day, White Day, and Christmas. It's also a nice idea to include limited edition products as gifts. In addition to the art candy, "Bubblets", and "salted caramel" that we introduced this time, there are many other sweets that we cannot introduce yet. Please check them out at the store.

Also pay attention to limited edition seasonal items. The photo shows the spring-only Flower Bubbles (9Pieces included 1,380Circle).

The interior of the store is unified in gray, highlighting the colorfulness, liveliness, and wide variety of products.

Art Candy's spring limited product "Sakura Mix" (BAG730yen), “Congratulations Mix-Cherry Blossomsgive-"(BAG730circle). Many limited edition items are sold out as soon as they run out, so be quick.

Image of art candy "Sakura Mix".

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