From Nagoya! [Battery] is a shop specializing in baked goods that uses butter. Check out the new “Battery Madeleine”!



Buttery, which was born in Nagoya, is a confectionery shop that is particular about butter, as its brand name suggests. We mainly sell baked goods with a lively buttery aroma and taste, including financiers, cookies, and canelés. To commemorate the opening of the Dai Nagoya Building store, the long-awaited new product "Battery Madeleine" is now available! Don't miss out on the specialty items that can only be purchased here.

Following cookies, financiers, and canelés, Buttery's "Buttery Madeleine" is now available.

Butter is an ingredient that can be said to be the lifeblood of baked goods. We are particular about the butter we use, such as fermented butter and Hokkaido butter, and continue to make fragrant sweets.Buttery〉. ``Main store'' in Nishi-ku Meieki, ``Buttery Cafe”, “Meieki Sakuradori store” with eat-in space, and “Soyora Suzuka Shirako” in Mie prefecture.4Month24It opened on Sunday (Wednesday).Buttery Dai Nagoya Building store]is. <Buttery〉Dai Nagoya Building store was born with the desire to make the baked goods of Nagoya more familiar to people who come to Nagoya Station.Buttery〉A brand antenna shop. There are already many products worthy of being called specialties, including buttery cookies, financiers, and canelés, but the long-awaited ``Battery Madeleine'' was introduced at the time of the opening of the Dai Nagoya Building store. When you take a bite, you'll get a soft buttery aroma, with a refreshing aftertaste and a pleasant lingering aftertaste. Bring out the flavor of butter and bake with the power of the ingredients.Buttery〉This is a unique ``battery madeleine.''

“Battery Madeleine” is available for limited pre-sale at Dai Nagoya Building Store (1Individual 340circle). The ``Battery Madeleines'' that arrive from our main store from time to time have an expiry date of up to the next day.

"Financier" (1Individual 340yen), "canelé" (1Individual 340circle). The "Financier" and "Canelé" that arrive from the main store from time to time have an expiration date until the next day.

individually wrapped financier5pieces and buttery madeleines5"Baked confectionery gift" which is a set of pieces (3,800yen) is also a product sold exclusively at Dai Nagoya Building.

Buttery cookies, almond chocolate, maple walnut cookies3``Battery Cookie Luxe'' comes in an assortment of types (4,860circle). This is also a pre-sale limited edition item at Dai Nagoya Building.

Location: Dai Nagoya BuildingB1FIt will be inside the sweets & food zone "Dainagoya Marche".

Sweets with butter as the main ingredient, carefully baked at our main store, are now available at the Dai Nagoya Building store.

The products sold at the Dai Nagoya Building store are baked at the main store. The same goes for ``Battery Madeleine,'' which is not yet sold at the main store. The aim was to create a traditional and orthodox madeleine using fermented butter and simple ingredients. The puffiness in the center of the back is proof that the dough is circulating inside the mold before baking. It seems that convection in the dough is important in creating the light, fluffy texture. In addition, advance sales are limited to the Dai Nagoya Building store.1items, cookies3Also pay attention to the ``Battery Cookie Luxe'' assortment. Along with ``Battery Cookies,'' which are very popular at our main store and online store, ``Almando Chocolat'' and ``Maple Walnut Cookies'' are also available. Great for a luxurious snack time, or as a present or gift for your loved ones. <Buttery〉Our ``slightly luxe'' baked goods are sure to create a wonderful cafe time.

Dai Nagoya Building Store's products are shipped directly from our main store. Be sure to try our freshly made madeleines, financiers, and canelés.

The plump bulge on the back of the Buttery Madeleine is proof of a delicious Madeleine. The secret behind this fluffy and unique texture is its fluffy yet moist texture.

While you can feel the aroma and richness of butter, it has a refreshing sweetness. "Buttery Cookies" are rustic and simple cookies that you'll want to add to your daily coffee time.

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