From Niigata to Nagoya. [Canelé de Chianti] is now open, offering a new way to enjoy canelé!



Canelé de CHIANTI, a canelé specialty store born in Niigata, is opening its first store in the Tokai area. It opened on April 4th (Wednesday) on the B24F of Dai Nagoya Building. The canelés here are characterized by their small size and variety of flavors. We are looking forward to the "fun to choose" canelé, which will expand the range of ways to enjoy the traditional French sweets, canelé, in a more modern way.

Canelé with a “chubby” texture created by a pastry chef and available in up to 18 flavors.

Managed by the owner chef who used to be a pastry chef.canelé de CHIANTIThe canelé has a chewy texture that retains the charm of traditional canelés.2~3Slightly smaller size, about the size of a mouth, at most18With a wide variety of flavors, we offer new ways to enjoy canelé. All types are available.18Assortment box” (4,000yen) are also available, but the main product is ``Selectable4IndividualSET"(1,500yen) and “Choose6IndividualSET"(1,850yen). The fun of freely choosing and combiningcanelé de CHIANTI〉This is the charm of Find your favorite among the products displayed in the store. Classic16~17In addition to the variety, seasonal products are also available.1~2types are available. The seasonal spring flavors are ``Anbutter,'' which is made from roasted green tea dough, and ``Sakura,'' which is made by mixing cherry blossom syrup into the dough and baking it. The impression of the canelé is sure to change dramatically with the interesting arrangement of the dough and the combination of toppings.

Dai Nagoya BuildingB1F, a new addition to the sweets and food zone "Dainagaya Marche"! The shop's concept color "orange" is a landmark.

Banana, black sesame, pistachio, rum raisin, salted caramel, Earl Gray, Saikyo miso... A “cake-like” canelé whose flavor is expressed by the combination of the taste of the dough and toppings. Best before date is refrigerated1week.

The seasonal flavor ``Sakura'' is made with baked dough mixed with cherry blossom syrup, topped with cherry cream and salted cherry petals. This canelé has a spring feel to it due to the soft scent of cherry blossoms.

You might want to start with a mini canelé. Canelés where you can enjoy comparing the taste of the dough

displayed in store18Apart from the different types of canelé, it is more casual.canelé de CHIANTI〉We also have an assortment of ``mini canelés'' without toppings so that you can experience the canelés. Plain, mugwort, and cocoa respectively3"Mini canelé" in individual pieces9IndividualBOX"(2,000yen), plain, mugwort, cocoa, and purple sweet potato, respectively.4"Mini canelé" in individual pieces12IndividualBOX"(3,000yen). This is a simple way to enjoy the different flavors of canelé dough.canelé de CHIANTI〉Introductory edition. The expiration date starts from the date of manufacture2It lasts for months, so it's perfect for gifts and souvenirs. Not only canelé lovers, but also people who don't like canelé, this may be an opportunity to drastically change the image of canelé.

Even though it's the same canelé, each flavor has its own unique visual. The gorgeousness of this item when you open the assorted box also makes it a great gift.

Special boxes according to the number of items and carrying bags (charged) are also unified in orange. When it comes to gifts, presents, and souvenirs, use them wisely depending on the recipient and the situation.

We also have ``mini canelés'' that don't come with toppings and allow you to compare the taste of the canelé dough. ``Mini canelé9IndividualBOX"(2,000yen), “Mini Canelé”16IndividualBOX"(3,000Circle).

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