About facilities

Please tell me the business hours and closed days.
"Dai Nagoya Building Shops & Restaurants"
Shop 11: 00-21: 00 Restaurant 11: 00-23: 00
Some stores have different business hours.Please see the store details page.The early morning store will be open from 7:00.
In addition, the museum is closed only on January 1st.

"Dai Nagoya Building Lifestyle & Services"
It depends on the store.Please see the store details page.

* The store details page isShop ListYou can see more.
How should I go to "Dai Nagoya Building Lifestyle & Services" (7F-16F)?
Please use the private elevator on the 1st floor.Detail is,Floor map list.
Is there a parking lot?
You can use the parking lot of the Dai Nagoya Building.We also offer a parking service.
For details, see Dai Nagoya BuildingInformation on parking area.
Inquiries about parking lots and bicycle parking lots (parking lot management room): 052-533-1575
Is there a bicycle parking lot?
There is a bicycle parking lot in the Dai Nagoya Building on the 1st floor.For details, see Dai Nagoya BuildingBicycle parking lot information.
Inquiries about parking lots and bicycle parking lots (parking lot management room): 052-533-1575
Is there a coin locker?
Not available in this building.
Do you have facilities such as a nursing room?
There are nursing rooms with diaper changing spaces and hot water supply facilities at two locations (2nd and 2rd floors) in the building.
In addition, there is a diaper changing space on each floor (except the 5th floor) in the restroom.
The detail is Floor map list.
Where is the AED?
It is installed on each floor.Regarding the installation location,Floor map list.
Is there a smoking area?
There are 2 locations in the building (1st and 3rd basement floors).Detail is,Floor map list.
Is it possible to bring pets?
Please refrain from bringing pets (including terrace seats and sky garden).
Guide dogs, service dogs, and hearing dogs are also allowed on site.

About the store

I would like to know the phone number of the store.
The phone number of each store isShop ListPlease see the store details page.
What kind of payment method can I use?
The following credit cards, e-commerce, and QR code payments can be used.
Credit card, e-commerce, QR code payment * The Smart Code listed above is part of the available code payment.For the latest informationplease use this form. Please check from
* Some stores are not eligible for Mitsubishi Estate Group CARD points, MI card points, and Takashimaya card points.
* QR code is a registered trademark of Denso Wave Incorporated.

■ Stores not eligible for Mitsubishi Estate Group CARD points
・ JR Nagoya Takashimaya Watch Maison (1F / 2F)
・ Esthetic TBC (3F)

■ Stores not eligible for MI CARD points
・ FamilyMart (B1F)
・ Seijo Ishii (B1F)
・ JR Nagoya Takashimaya Watch Maison (1F / 2F)
・ Esthetic TBC (3F)

■ Stores not eligible for Takashimaya card points
・ FamilyMart (B1F)
・ Seijo Ishii (B1F)
・ Esthetic TBC (3F)
What kind of card is the Mitsubishi Estate Group CARD?
This is a great credit card that you can earn twice as many points as usual (three times as much as a gold card) when you use it in this building.
If you apply from the dedicated terminal installed on the 1st floor information of this building, you will receive special enrollment points.
The detail is Mitsubishi Estate Group CARD Official Homepage.
What kind of gift card (gift certificate) can I use?
The gift certificates (gift certificates) that can be used are as follows.
Gift cards common to the Mitsubishi Estate Group, Jeff gourmet cards, gift certificates issued by other credit card companies, etc.
* It may not be available at some stores.
Are there duty-free shops?
Duty-free shopping is available at some stores.For details, please contact each store.

About in-house services

Do you rent wheelchairs and strollers?
Wheelchairs and strollers can be rented free of charge at the information on the 1st floor.
Please note that the number is limited.
Can I send my purchases to my home?
Please contact each store for shipping of purchased products.
I lost something, where should I contact?
1st floor information (business hours 11: 00-21: 00) or Dai Nagoya Building Inquiries
Please contact us (TEL: 052-569-2604 Reception hours 11: 00-20: 00).
* The business may be shortened during the year-end and New Year holidays.
Can WiFi be connected?
There is no free WiFi service.


Is there a conference room for rent or an event space?
We do not provide information for the general public.
Do you mail floor guides and pamphlets?
Floor guides and pamphlets are not mailed.
I would like to interview or shoot, where should I contact?
Please contact the Dai Nagoya Building PR Secretariat in advance if you would like to interview or take pictures inside the building.
(TEL:052-589-2862 受付時間 平日9:30~17:30 ※12:00~13:00は除く。)
Some features are not available on the website. Which browser is the recommended environment?
This site uses advanced web technology for some pages.Therefore, when using an incompatible browser or an older version of the browser, the functions may be partially restricted or the page may not be displayed normally.To use this site safely and comfortablyAbout the use of this siteWe recommend using the browsers listed in.
Please let me know who to contact regarding matters other than the above.
For inquiries regarding other facilities, please call 052-569-2604 (reception hours: 11:00-20:00).
*From 17:00 to 20:00, it may be difficult to connect to the phone due to line congestion.Please note.For inquiries about stores and products,Shop ListPlease contact the relevant store.