B1F 32 Tea specialty store / tea house

annon tea house Dai Nagoya Building

Annon Tea House Dynagoya Building Ten

A good quality Ceylon tea brand cultivated in Sri Lanka.The characteristics of the finest black tea "Mlesna Tea" are the freshness and condition of the tea leaves.Since it is a young shoot, it is fluffy even when extracted with water.Among them, the flavored tea that is unique to Japan is called a "masterpiece".Enjoy the deliciousness and enjoyment of "Mlesna Tea" at the Shop & Tea House.

shop number
shop's name
annon tea house


Business format
Tea specialty store / tea house
Business hours
Open: 11:00 - 20:00
Phone Number
Number of seats
14 seat
The average budget
[Day / Night] 2,200 yen
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  • Children can enter the store
  • Lunch reservation possible
  • Take out possible