B1F 6 Ramen, dumplings, fried chicken

Dai Nagoya Ichibanken specializing in aged tonkotsu ramen

Jukusei Tonkotsu Ramen Senmon Dynagoyaichi Banken

Since1993 A specialty store that uses only fresh tonkotsu ramen.A soup made by cooking whole fresh pork bones with an ultra-high heat of 4 kcal.Thin noodles developed for pork bone ramen that have reached the golden ratio after repeated trials.And it will be full of habits due to the harmony of the secret maple that has been added and aged since its establishment.Please enjoy the rich "aged tonkotsu" created by "Ichibanken", a pioneer of Nagoya's tonkotsu ramen culture.

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Dai Nagoya Ichibanken specializing in aged tonkotsu ramen


Business format
Ramen, dumplings, fried chicken
11: 00-23: 00 (LO is 22:30)
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Number of seats
24 seats (10 counter seats, 13 table seats)
The average budget
[Day] 900 yen [Night] 1,000 yen
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  • Children can enter the store