B1F 11 Beef tongue specialty store

Aji no Ushitan Kisuke Nagoya store

Ajinogyutan Kisuke Nagoyaten

A long-established store that raised beef tongue grilled in Sendai as a Sendai specialty and spread it nationwide.Founded in 50, matured technique and taste.Carefully selected beef tongue is further examined, and skilled craftsmen prepare it one by one by hand.We continue to protect the mainstream of authentic Sendai specialty beef tongue.Although it is thickly sliced, the crispy and juicy roast is a unique taste of Kisuke.You can enjoy various beef tongue dishes such as boiled tongue that is soft enough to cut with chopsticks.

shop number
shop's name
Aji no Ushitan Kisuke


Business format
Beef tongue specialty store
Opening hours
11: 00-22: 00 (LO is 21:30)
Number of seats
36 seats
The average budget
[Day] 1,700 yen [Night] 2,000 yen
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  • Children can enter the store