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Hitsumabushi Nagoya Bicho Dai Nagoya Building Store

Hitsumabushi Shinagoya Bincho Dynagoya Building Ten

<1 minute walk from Nagoya Station on the Nagoya Municipal Subway Higashiyama Line/Sakura-dori Line>
Bincho Hitsumabushi, a Nagoya specialty that is slowly grilled over a strong, distant fire.The eel is grilled without steaming, which is rare in the Kanto region.Tamari soy sauce and mirin from Aichi Prefecture, which has a rich brewing culture, give it a unique aroma and shine.For the rice, we use Koshihikari rice, which is particular about the production area.First, leave it as it is, then add wasabi and green onions, and finally pour the dashi stock over it to make ochazuke. Taking “freshly baked and freshly cooked” as a matter of course, we transmit the taste and culture of “hitsumabushi” that Nagoya boasts to the whole country.Not only can you have lunch and dinner with your loved ones, but you can also have a takeout hitsumabushi on days when you want a little extravagance.

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Hitsumabushi Nagoya Bicho


Business format
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Number of seats
42 seats
The average budget
[Day] 3,000 yen [Night] 4,300 yen
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  • Children can enter the store
  • Lunch reservation possible
  • Take out possible
  • Private room or semi-private room available