3F 17 Yakiniku / Steak

Meat and Daizen Dai Nagoya Building Store

Nikuya Daizen Dynagoya Building Ten

A Japanese black beef specialty store operated by a local butcher shop that stocks branded beef.It is a shop that handles more than 50 branded beef from all over the country every year.Not only Matsusaka beef, but also Mikawa beef, Hida beef, Miyazaki beef, and Maesawa beef are designated sales stores.I also received a signboard of a designated Kobe beef shop.Because "Daizen" also runs a butcher shop, we always provide delicious meat in good condition by wet aging.

shop number
shop's name
Meat and Daizen


Business format
Yakiniku / Steak
Business hours
Phone Number
Number of seats
41 seat
The average budget
[Day] 2,800 yen [Night] 8,000 yen
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  • Lunch reservation possible
  • Private room or semi-private room available