Request to customers taking pictures at 5F Sky Garden


<For customers taking photos at Dai Nagoya Building 5F Sky Garden>

Dai Nagoya Building has established rules to ensure that our guests have a safe and secure experience. Please cooperate with the following points and enjoy shooting at Sky Garden.


◇About shooting

① As a general rule, taking photos and videos for commercial use or commercial purposes is prohibited. At Sky GardenIf you are a member of the media and would like to interview or photograph the event, please contact the Dai Nagoya Building PR Office in advance.

(TEL/052-589-2862 受付時間/平日9:30~17:30 ※12:00~13:00は除く)

②To avoid inconveniencing other customers, please refrain from occupying a certain area for a long period of time, with a large number of people, or using large-scale equipment for filming.

*The use of tripods and lighting (strobes) is prohibited except for media interviews and photography for which permission has been obtained.

③Please refrain from any behavior that may cause inconvenience to other customers. The decision will be made by the staff in charge. We may ask you to stop shooting.

④ Dai Nagoya Building cannot be held responsible for the publication or presentation of photos, videos, etc. taken. Please be careful of other customers' reflections.


◇About bridal photos

As a general rule, we do not allow commercial use or photography for commercial purposes.Bridal photos only if conditions such as shooting schedule are metWe may be able to accept your request. (Private photography is generally not permitted.)For bridal photos, permission from the building is required, so please contact the Dai Nagoya Building PR Office in advance.Please let us know.

(TEL/052-589-2862 受付時間/平日9:30~17:30 ※12:00~13:00は除く)

*Even for non-commercial purposes (“non-paid photography” or “self-photography” by a photographer friend), permission from the building is required for bridal photos of people wearing dresses or tuxedos, so please contact Dai Nagoya Building in advance. PRPlease contact the office.


◇Prohibited items at Sky Garden

FiveFThe following acts that are not considered normal traffic are prohibited within the Sky Garden. If you do not follow the instructions of the staff, we may warn you and refuse you to enter the Sky Garden.

・Smoking is not allowed inside the Sky Garden.

・Skateboards, sports such as ball games, and dancing are prohibited.

・The use of loud audio equipment and musical instruments is prohibited.

・Unauthorized photography and events are prohibited.

・Drinking alcohol is prohibited.

・Entering the green area is prohibited.

- Overnight stays and long stays are prohibited.

- Distribution, solicitation, and sales of goods are prohibited.

- Demonstrations and gatherings are prohibited.

・Acts that cause a nuisance to others or that harm the beauty of the vacant lot are prohibited.