[Seijo Ishii]'s classic and "super easy" arrangement recipe. Served with wine from [Wine Shop Enoteca]



At the supermarket [Seijo Ishii] on the B1F of Dai Nagoya Building, there are delicious and discerning gems carefully selected by buyers from all over the world and Japan.This time, we selected 4 items from the many standard items of [Seijo Ishii] and proposed a "super easy" arrangement recipe using them.In addition, [Wine Shop Enoteca] selected wines that matched each menu, and the "summer night dining table" was completed in collaboration with two stores in the Dai Nagoya Building.

The seasoning of namul is used as it is and arranged simply. "Korean style chilled Chinese"

The first item is a super-easy arrangement recipe using "Seijo Ishii Namul Set" from [Seijo Ishii].Radish, bean sprout, royal fern, spinach4The "Narujo Ishii Namul Set", which is a set of types, is seasoned with sesame oil, which has a strong scent, and the salt "Simamas" from Okinawa Prefecture. It is a dish that is available.In the arrangement recipe "Korean style chilled Chinese food", the taste of namul is kept as it is, and there is no additional seasoning.Use the sauce (vinegar-based) that comes with the chilled Chinese noodles as it is.The simple arrangement is made by topping namul and hot spring eggs on top of commercially available chilled Chinese noodles and sprinkling white sesame seeds.With this alone, "Seijo Ishii Namul Set" can be transformed into a dish that can play a leading role in the dining table.You can enjoy chilled Chinese, which is a standard summer menu, in a “Korean style” with a slight change of mood.

Arranged menu "Korean style chilled Chinese" using "Seijo Ishii Namul set" of [Seijo Ishii].

"Seijo Ishii Namul Set" (647Circle).It is also standard to add kimchi and arrange it into a "bibimbap bowl".The scent of sesame oil when the lid is opened is appetizing.

"Calafuria Tormalesca Antinori" (2,640Circle).The label design is also cute, and we matched it with rosé wine from Southern Italy, which is perfect for summer.The scent of white peaches and flowers, which stands out even when cooled well, and the mellow and palatable acidity gently snuggle up to the deeply seasoned namul, softening the rich taste and bringing out the taste of each ingredient of namul together with the chilled Chinese noodles. Will do it. (Wine shop Enoteca / Tamura)

"Seijo Ishii Fruit 60% Orange Marmalade" is used as the sauce.Summery "Hawaiian hamburger"

"Seijo Ishii mini hamburger steak" of [Seijo Ishii] baked plumply using Japanese beef, domestic pork, and domestic onions10"Keiri".This product, which has already been completed as a side dish, has a "super-easy" arrangement that looks and tastes like summer.First, microwave the hamburger steak on time.Put cheese on it20Heat in the microwave for a second and coat the hamburger with cheese.Fried egg of quail as a topping, cut pineapple, and "fruit" as a sauce substitute60% Orange Marmalade ”is served.Finish with black pepper.With just this, it looks and feels Hawaiian!The cute size that even children can easily eat is also an important point that makes it easy to arrange.You can also change the toppings and sauces one by one and use the hamburger steak as a platter.

[Seijo Ishii] "Seijo Ishii Mini Hamburger"10"Keiri" and "Seijo Ishii Fruit"60Arranged menu "Hawaiian hamburger steak" using "% orange marmalade".

"Seijo Ishii mini hamburger10"Keiri" (1,468Circle).Not only can it be eaten as a side dish, but it can also be used as an ingredient in curry and stew.A feeling of size that is easy to use is attractive. "Seijo Ishii Fruit60% Orange Marmalade "(small bottle290g / 668The circle) is characterized by its flesh and bitter, rich taste.

"Days of Summer Miguel Torres Chile" (2,090Circle).The sweet and sour fruit accents the hamburger steak with a fresh, slightly sweet Musca seed.Many people think that the meat is red wine, but because it is Hawaiian, we chose white wine with a refreshing and elegant sweetness in the summer.The rich fruit flavor unique to Chile gently wraps the mellowness of the cheese and the marmalade sauce that is not too sweet. (Wine shop Enoteca / Tamura)

Arrange the snack products packed with umami into a luxurious protagonist salad

Finally, we arranged the popular "Seijo Ishii Scallop Cheese Ahijo Flavor" as a summer salad.It is characterized by its perfect size, nice individual wrapping, and punchy and rich seasoning because it is a snack product.This alone is full of umami.Therefore, you can arrange it into a rich protagonist salad just by combining it with basil leaves and leafy vegetables such as green leaf and baby leaf.A simple dressing of lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper is sufficient for seasoning. The Japanese style of "Seijo Ishii Scallop Cheese Ahijo Flavor", cheese, and Ahijo flavor upgrade the salad to a fine side dish.Of course, it goes without saying that white wine is the best partner.

Arranged menu "scallop ajillo and basil salad" using "Seijo Ishii scallop cheese ajillo flavor".

"Seijo Ishii Scallop Cheese Ahijo Flavor" (1,070Circle).Uses scallops from Eruption Bay, Hokkaido.Seijo Ishii Central Kitchen A Japanese-style dashi stock supervised by the head chef of Japanese cuisine, which is the perfect companion to sake.Ahijo flavor and butter soy sauce flavor2Types are available.

"Sauvignon Blanc Attitude Pascal Jolive" (2,750Circle).Combined with Sauvignon Blanc, which has a refreshing herbal scent similar to basil leaves.The rich umami of the scallops, which is an accent, is firmly taken in by the minerality of the wine, creating an exquisite harmony in the mouth.The wine has a firm acidity like lemon, so you can enjoy the freshness that is perfect for dressing. (Wine shop Enoteca / Tamura)

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