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  • 5 recommended ethical legwear for Mother's Day to choose from functionality and design

5 recommended ethical legwear for Mother's Day to choose from functionality and design

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"Tabio", which handles a wide range of legwear such as socks, tights, stockings, and leggings, joins the B1F Dinard.From the lineup that covers everything from classics to trends, we have picked up legwear recommended for Mother's Day.Please give it with your daily gratitude.

"Highest grade silk plain short socks" that can be worn for a long time with smooth comfort

Impression that the luster unique to silk is elegant. <Tabio>socks 2,200Yen

Gentle earth-colored short socks woven from fine-count high-quality silk.While ordinary silk is vulnerable to friction and often deteriorates white, "TabioUses a material that does not change in color or texture even after repeated washing.The rubber mouth is also soft and features a smooth fit.

"Sheer one-tone floral short socks" with a feminine sheer feel

It's comfortable to wear and doesn't get stuffy, so it's perfect for hot days. <Tabio>socks 1,100Yen

Short socks that create a feminine foot with a nudie sheer feel without the one-tone floral pattern that looks like a line art becoming too sweet.Not only the skirt, but also the pants and pumps are nice to show only the instep and make a casual accent.The floral pattern is slightly bulging.

"Rubber mouth lame pattern short socks" that gives a high-looking look with glitter and luster at the mouth

It features a three-dimensional lace pattern with different colors at the mouth and instep. <Tabio>socks 1,100Yen

Float-knit socks with a three-dimensional floral lace that gives a gorgeous impression.The glittery and glossy material of the mouth is excellent in high-looking effect.The material is cupra that is supple and soft to the touch.It has excellent hygroscopicity and feels cool and refreshing when you pass it through your feet, so it is also useful in hot weather.

"Tabi short socks" recommended for those who spend a lot of time in the room


A soft cuff that prevents rubber from biting into the ankle. <Tabio>socks 1,540Yen

Tabi-shaped short socks made from organic cotton.It is dyed with an environmentally friendly dye extracted from the ingredients that the food company plans to dispose of, and the socks in the photo are dyed with matcha.The shape of the socks makes it easy to move your fingers, and the rubber does not easily bite into your ankles, so it is recommended when you want to relax in the room.

If you put it on your wristUVActive as a countermeasure! "Silk leg warmers"

It is light and comfortable to wear because it uses silk material. <Tabio> Leg warmers 1,540Yen

Silk that absorbs and releases moisture has the effect of preventing stuffiness and keeps it dry and comfortable.In the coming season, if you leave it at your workplace, it will be a countermeasure against the cold indoors that are too cold in the summer.If you keep it in your bag or carUVIt also works as a countermeasure arm warmer.

Also pay attention to items limited to the Dai Nagoya Building store and sustainable initiatives!

Floral print socks sold exclusively at the Dai Nagoya Building store. <Tabio> Socks2,090Yen

In addition to the items recommended for Mother's Day gifts introduced this time, check out the floral print socks sold to commemorate the opening of the Dai Nagoya Building store!From pale feminine shades to botanical patterns and vivid colors3Expanding the pattern.

In addition, using socks dyed with dyes extracted from the above-mentioned foods to be discarded and ash from rice husks, it has excellent deodorant properties.SONY> We also have items that are conscious of sustainability, such as socks made from developed fibers.You will find not only gift items but also legwear that you can use on a daily basis.

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