Have you decided on a White Day gift yet?5 Valentine's Day Gifts to Make Women Happy

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It is a major premise that food gifts that women will appreciate are delicious.In addition, pay attention to the playfulness such as the cuteness of the package and the gorgeous design.Introducing the perfect items for White Day that you can buy at Dai Nagoya Building B1F.

Communicate your feelings with a message-oriented package [annon tea house] "Mlesna Tea"

Enjoy the finest Ceylon tea "Mlesna Tea" selected by one of the best tea tasters in Sri Lanka.annon tea house(Annon Tea House)].Mlesna tea, which you can enjoy at the tea salon, is also available as a handy mesh tea bag, and is always available.100We have a lineup of more than one type.

Each is different16Kind of tea bags1"Indivi" with packages (each)2,268Circle).The left is "INDIVI"TEA CUP"-Delicious tea called the Queen's jewelry box-", on the right is "INDIVI “DRESS”"-Delicious tea called the Queen's jewelry box-".

If you want to enjoy various kinds on a daily basis, there are multiple flavors.1We recommend the gift box "Indivi", which contains packages.It's fun to imagine what the flavors of black tea are, such as "happy carnelian-like black tea," "pearl necklace-like black tea," and "sapphire-no-eye-like black tea."16An assortment of different flavored teas.

Popular "cube box" (11Enclosed777Yen),2Individual,3Individual,4An original set as a gift.2With individual3Each wrapping77Circle,4The gift box that is a set of pieces440Circle.

Also, if you place importance on the message of the package, use an assortment of "cube boxes".An unusual message such as "Thank you! A delicious black tea that gives you a heart" of blueberry & caramel flavor, and "I want to give you a gift of heart" of an oriental vacation flavor based on the scent of jasmine. Why don't you choose tea at?

annon tea house] Articles about Mlesna Teathis

"Seasonal bread" of [Yoikotopan] kneaded with mellow scented organic chocolate

"Yoikotopan" (Yoikotopan) is a unique blend of Hokkaido wheat flour that has a brown surface when baked as toast and a chewy texture inside.1jin590There is a strong fan in the circle) [Yoikotopan].The "seasonal bread" that is released every season has a special feeling and is recommended as a gift.

"Organic Bitter Chocolate x Rice Milk Good Choco Bread" (1jin1,301Circle).3Month14Limited sale until Sunday (Monday).

By kneading plenty of organic chocolate from "Kaoka", which makes chocolate with carefully selected high-quality ingredients, into the chewy dough, you can feel the mellow aroma and bitter sweetness of cacao. ..You can enjoy the luxurious taste unique to "Yoikotopan" made by making the best use of the flavor of the ingredients.

If you want to give it as a gift, "original cotton bag" (780It is also recommended to put it in a yen) and give it.

The article about "An butter" which is popular in [Yoikotopan]this


Grocery that sticks to the material is available [CHARLIE'S], A discerning small bottle that colors the dining table

Cafe grocery that only deals with what the owner actually says and agrees with [CHARLIE'S(Charlies)].We have selected "small bottles" that are perfect for gifts from a wide range of items from Japan and overseas.

From the left "STRAWBERRY&MILK JAM(Strawberry & Milk Jam) "(140g 840Circle),"Ram raisin milk jam(Rum raisin milk jam) "(140g 840Circle),"ESPRESSO MILK JAM(Espresso milk jam) "(140g 840Circle),"PURE MILK JAM(Pure milk jam) "(140g 840Yen) All over <NORTH FARM STOCK(North Farm Stock)>.

The first is to make various processed products with vegetables and fruits from Hokkaido where you can see the producer's face.NORTH FARM STOCKVarious jams.Strawberries from Hokkaido and raw milk from "Machimura Farm" in the Ishikari Plain100The ingredients unique to Hokkaido, such as "Strawberry & Milk Jam" using% and "Espresso Milk Jam" using roasted beans from Sapporo "Infini Coffee", are packed tightly.If you put it on a cookie or cracker, you can taste it like a sweet.

From the left, "Kuri from France" in the "Honey of the World" series (130g 1,080Yen), "Guatemara coffee" (130g 980Yen) All above <Kanazawa Yamagishi Bee Farm>.

The second is the "Honey of the World" series, which is carefully selected by the "Kanazawa Yamagishi Beekeeping Farm", which has apiaries in Kanazawa and Noto where the rich nature spreads, and is particular about "ripe and raw honey" as it is harvested.The "French Kuri", which has a rich sweetness and unique bitterness, and the "Guatemalan coffee", which has a fruity acidity and a firm sweetness, are especially popular.A small bottle with a small handle is cute, and it is recommended to give it as a pair so that you can eat and compare.

From the left <Artisan de la TRUFFE PARIS> "Gérande salt with summer truffles" (60g 1,945Circle),<NORTH FARM STOCK> "Hokkaido cheese pickled in oil" (140g 800Circle).

At the end, I would like to give it to those who like salty foods rather than sweet foods and those who like cooking.2Introducing the points.The truffle salt of <Artisan de la TRUFFE PARIS>, which offers dishes that use high quality French truffles luxuriously, is a mixture of sea salt and dried truffle pieces.It enhances the taste of various dishes as well as salads and pasta.On the other hand, "Hokkaido cheese pickled in oil" can be eaten as it is or as a topping for salads and sandwiches.Both are gift wrapping (bags)25Yen) is supported.

CHARLIE'S] Commitment to the article about grocerythis

Born locally [OHAGI3] Handmade "Ohagi" is also a gift for superiors

Japanese and Western materials are sublimated into a colon and a cute bite-sized piece of rice.OHAGI3].In addition to the standard botamochi, we also offer seasonal botamochi that expresses Japanese scenery with seasonal materials.It has a Japanese feel to it, so it should come in handy as a business souvenir.

From the front right, clockwise, roasted green tea "roasted moon", soybean flour "full moon", mashed bean paste "Akatsuki", coconut "new moon", sesame "evening moon", dark matcha "string moon"6Assorted "standard"6Individual box "(1,080Circle).

OHAGI3] Ohagi is characterized by a taste mechanism that cannot be imagined from the outside.For example, a homemade citrus peel is placed on the "Half Moon" sprinkled with fragrant organic matcha for a refreshing taste.The "Roasted Moon" made with organic roasted green tea is based on millet rice, which is a blend of amaranth and black rice, so you can enjoy the aroma beyond your imagination.

A special box that imitates Okamochi, with a meaning for bridging between people and for connecting people. "Classic6The price of "individual box" includes the box fee.

Also, "Standard6The design of a special box like Okamochi, which is unique to "individual boxes", is also a great point.In addition to the taste of each Ohagi, the package design is also unique, so there is no doubt that the conversation will be lively.

OHAGI3] Articles about discerning materialsthis

The simple taste and design that make the best use of the material is attractive. "Swallow Yokan" from [Swallow] 

[Tsubameya] sells Japanese sweets that make you feel the strength and kindness of the ingredients.For sweets that can be stored at room temperature and have the ease of longevity, put them in a box with a cute swallow illustration.3How about a "swallow yokan assortment" packed with different types of yokan?

From the left, red bean paste and cacao. "Assorted swallow yokan" (3Book 896Circle).

"Oimo" that makes the best use of the natural flavor and sweetness of sweet potato "Tomi no Kawagoe Imo" from Miyoshi Town, Saitama Prefecture, red beans from Hokkaido, crude sugar from Kagoshima Prefecture, and "Anko" made from agar from Yamaoka Town, Gifu Prefecture. You can enjoy the rich aroma and richness of organic cacao and azuki beans, just like chocolate.3Contains types.

One50gIt's perfect when you want to eat something sweet.

[Tsubameya] -like yokan made only with red beans, potatoes, raw sugar, and agar without using white sugar or starch syrup is a taste loved by children and adults of all ages.

[Tsubameya]'s article about "golden bracken"this

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