Take-out gourmet stylishly at Nagoya Station.Blowing in the autumn wind of the sky garden



The annual summer event "Himawari Sky Garden" has ended, and the Sky Garden is enjoying a relaxing time.This is the perfect time to spend time outside, so why not bring some takeout food to Sky Garden and enjoy your lunch in style?While you are in the hustle and bustle of Nagoya Station, you should be able to spend a comfortable lunchtime here, where time seems to flow slowly.

Enjoy the taste of the talented Italian outdoors, a different feeling of luxury than usual


Enjoy casual yet authentic Italian cuisine using seasonal ingredients and local seafood.TRATTORIA FRATELLI GALLURA].Take-out specialty (pasta) from a popular restaurant perfect for spending a special lunchtime.Flat noodles (sciatelli) kneaded with squid ink are entwined with plenty of tomato sauce that exudes the rich flavor of seafood.Whole langoustine sauté1A dish that you can taste the high quality and luxury in appearance.Please also enjoy the secretly popular product "Homemade Onion Focaccia" that has many fans secretly.

"Schalatelli with squid ink and langoustine tomato sauce with seafood from Mikawa" (2,500yen), "Homemade onion focaccia" (250Circle).

Everyone's favorite, with a beloved Western menu prepared by Chef Omiya

B1F | Asakusa Kitchen Omiya

You can actually take out the lovely western dishes created by Chef Katsuo Omiya at [Restaurant Omiya], a famous restaurant in Asakusa, Tokyo.Then, without hesitation, select the representative product, “Pure White Omurice,” which can be said to be the symbol of this place.In addition, large fried shrimp2If you choose a “combo” menu that includes a book, you should be able to fully enjoy what it is like at a Western restaurant.While eating omelet rice at the sky garden, the hamburger steak was good, next time I'll try the omelet rice with demi-glace sauce... I realize that Western food is delicious after all.

"Fried Shrimp & Omurice Combo" (1,836Circle).For omelet rice, you can choose either "pure white omelet rice" or normal type "omelet rice".

Take out the popular lunch menu of [YURT] and have a picnic in the sky garden


Popular [DORM] Introducing the takeout menu.The popular plate lunch menu “Spice Chicken with Fresh Salsa” is a crispy and juicy spice chicken with salsa sauce that brings out the “fresh” deliciousness of tomatoes.The salad that accompanies it on the side also has a large volume, so it's a lunchtime meal that's more satisfying than it looks.For drinks, the “herb lemon squash”, which has a refreshing taste and appearance, goes well with spicy chicken.

"Spice chicken with fresh salsa" (1,680Yen), "Herb Lemon Squash" (750Circle).

The taste of a ham and sausage specialty store.A hot dog and warm soup to warm you up

B1F | Metzgerei Inoue

Speaking of a takeout menu worth eating at [Metsugerai Inoue], a select type authentic German-made ham and sausage specialty store, "Curry Wurst Dog".Popular at the head office in Ikeshita, Nagoya3This hot dog is a dream-like menu where you can eat the product "Kakuozan dog", "genuine frankfurter", and "currywurst" at once.What I want to order together is a warm soup that will make you miss the coming season.Of course, it is like the soup of [Metsugerai Inoue], and it contains crunchy cartilage bacon with plenty of flavor.

"Curry Wurst Dog" (972Yen), "Soup with lots of crunchy cartilage bacon ingredients" (648Circle).

▶ For those who want to know more about [Metsugerai Inoue]'s "Currywurst Dog"Click here for more information.

A “chubby and heavy” apple pie for lunch today

B1F | Apple Pie Kotaro

[Apple Pie Kotaro], an apple pie specialty shop born in Kamakura, Kanagawa Prefecture, has a filling size and can be used as a light lunch.We recommend "Hotels Apple Pie", the highest quality apple pie available only at the Nagoya store.A craftsman makes dough using domestically produced wheat and fermented butter1It is a “time-consuming” dish that is made by hand stretching one by one.from the showcase2Being able to choose and compare different types of apple pies is a way to enjoy yourself at a specialty store.Meat pies and quiches may be lined up irregularly, so check it out frequently.

"Basque cheese apple pie" (598Yen), "Nagoya Store Limited Hotels Apple Pie" (769Circle).

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