Both natural and organic. [Wine shop Enoteca] proposes 3 wines you want to drink now



Even at home, be particular about the wine you choose. We asked [Wine Shop Enoteca] to select three noteworthy wines that you want to drink now.This time, a total of 3 bottles of 2 organic wines and 1 natural wine were selected.Start your wine life at home with one of your favorite red, white, or rosé.

"Mouton Cadet Rouge Organic" (bottle 2,200 yen)

Casual wine "Mouton Cadet" that inherits the lineage of Chateau Mouton.Among them, "Mouton Cadet Rouge Organic", which is made from fields that have received organic certification, is a next-generation product that is friendly to the environment and people.1It's a book.Aromas of fresh black fruits and ripe berries over time.A red wine with a good balance of fruit and tannins.

"Sancerre" (bottle 4,400 yen)

Wine shop grand prize voted by all staff of [Wine Shop Enoteca]2022in the white wine category1won the rank1Book."Sancerre", produced by Pascal Jolivet, who is well-known as a natural wine maker, has an elegant taste that perfectly harmonizes the acidity, minerals, and fruitiness of Sauvignon Blanc.Can be used for everyday use1Keep it by your side as a book.

"Casanova Rose Trocken" (bottle 2,200 yen)

Producer Staffelter Hof is a representative producer of the Moselle region, which is said to be the oldest in Germany.Rosé wines made from Pinot Noir are well-balanced with gorgeous red fruit aromas, sophisticated fruit flavors, and just the right amount of acidity.1Book.Because of its food-friendly versatility, it can be paired with any dish.1 本目"Also ideal as

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