Recommended date plan to spend at Dai Nagoya Building.Escort her from morning till night



The Dai-Nagoya Building, which is right next to Nagoya Station, is a convenient location for meeting people, and is a perfect facility for planning a date on a holiday.At least on her date, escort her well.From morning to night, from lunch to dinner, we propose the "optimal" recommended date plan to spend a fulfilling day at the Dai Nagoya Building.Whether it's a casual holiday, a birthday or a special day like Christmas, the Dai Nagoya Building will thoroughly support your time together.

10 : 00 Shopping at [Pubble] where you can find cute candy, chocolate, and gummy candies.

Underground in a place that passes through the Dinard, which is directly connected to Nagoya Station1Floor "Dai Nagoya Marche".In the morning10Opening from time to time is [Pububure], which is lined with colorful and eye-catching sweets.The seasonal motifs are expressed in candy and gummy candies, and you can find small souvenirs and gifts.

Many stores in the morning11More than that in the "Dai Nagoya Marche" that is open from time to time1[Pubble] that has been open for some time.

Colorful candies, chocolates and gummies line up in a bright and stylish space.

You can also sample the products you are interested in, including seasonal flavors.Photo4Month24Limited sale until Sunday (Sunday) (ends as soon as it runs out) "Sakura Mix" (bag) 640Circle,Sbottle 910Circle,Mbottle 2,530Circle).

The round box has strawberry, peach and grape flavors1"Kuchibiru Candy" (Kuchibiru Candy)540Circle).The pouch has a random pattern and taste7gEatable size "Mininics" (120Circle).This season is perfect for welcome and farewell parties and gift selection for those who have taken care of us.

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11:00 You can have a relaxing meal in a calm atmosphere [RHUBARBE] At lunch

You can eat authentic French crepes and galettes [RHUBARBE(Rhubarb)] is a bistro that combines seats with a feeling of openness like terrace seats that you can't imagine inside a building, and table seats with a spacious layout.You can have a relaxing meal in a calm atmosphere, so it is a perfect place for a date.

A corner like a terrace seat, just like a real bistro.At night, the lights are turned off to create a moody atmosphere.

"Galette & crepe lunch" (galette & crepe lunch) with salad set in galette and crepe1,980Yen ~) is good, but if you choose on a date, we recommend the "lunch course" where you can choose soup and dessert in a galette with a sense of the season.

"Lunch course" with soup, galette, dessert and drink (2,750Circle).The soup in the photo is "French-style countryside soup with plenty of white green beans and vegetables" using plenty of spring cabbage, the galette is "Sakuramasu's Mikyui herb-style yogurt sauce" that is cooked at a low temperature to make it soft and sticky, and the dessert is from Italy. A refreshing crepe made from mascarpone cheese in a mousse shape, "Sprinkle crepe white chocolate with strawberry and mascarpone cheese mousse." *2022Years4Limited until mid-month

The soup for the lunch course is [RHUBARBE] Hidden specialty "homemade blue crab and fish soup" is added550You can also select by circle.There are plenty of natural wines and ciders that are indispensable for bistro, so couples who want to enjoy lunch should definitely visit.

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13 : 00 After a meal2To find people's favorites [nest Robe / CONFECT】What

A women's floor based on wood and a brick-like men's floor with a chic atmosphere.

RHUBARBE] And proceed to the right [nest Robe / CONFECT(Nest robe / Confect)] handles both men's and ladies' items, and has simple and practical items.Recently, I often see and hear "SDGs(SD G's) ", a product using threads and fabrics made of" cutting waste "<Upcycle Lino(Upcycling Reno)> is being actively released, and this season Kagoshima's pottery brand <ONE KILN(One Kiln)> is paying attention to the items dyed with natural materials.

The shirt in the foreground is a shirt finished in uneven gray with a special dye that is a blend of Sakurajima's ash, which is the symbol of Kagoshima, and ink, which is a natural dye. <Upcycle Lino×ONE KILN>"shirt"(26,400Circle).

This season's <nest Robe> Is full of gorgeous color items such as bright pink, yellow, green and orange.

The staff recommends2Denim that can be worn by both men and women in different sizes.It is a blend of cotton and linen and is lighter and softer than ordinary denim. <Upcycle Lino>"denim5Pocket pants "(20,900Circle).

This season [nest Robe / CONFECT], There are plenty of shirts and pullovers that can be worn by both men and women, and you can enjoy them genderlessly.While giving advice to each other, it will be fun to find your favorite items that you can share.

nest Robe / CONFECT]'s article about "Upcycled Reno" here

15 : 00 When the weather is nice byTake out a drink at the Taiwan Specialty Research Institute] and head to the Sky Garden

Bubble tea drink specialty store [Bull Pulu(Burupur)] has a rich lineup of tapioca menus and drink menus based on refreshing Taiwanese tea. byTaiwan Product Research Institute].It is good to spend time in the store, which is inspired by Taiwan's popular tourist destination, Jiufen, but on sunny days,5How about spending a relaxing time in the sky garden on the floor?

This season, it is decorated with a cherry blossom motif.5Sky garden on the floor.

Left: Bright "Red Dragon" with red dragon fruit pulp, Right: "Honey China Blue" with honey grapefruit pulp (both)660ml 540Circle).

A drink that shines in the pink world.

Also, this season1It's the season with the most colorful drinks of the year, and it's perfect for the world of Sky Garden!Be sure to take a photo before drinking1Take a picture.

18 : 00 Shabu-shabu dinner in a private room of [Kurobuta Shabu-Shabu Ginza Rabu] with a view of the night view

Shabu-shabu, which eats special black pork with bonito-based soba soup, is gaining popularity.3There are two private rooms, perfect for dates, entertainment and small gatherings.

You can use it as a completely private room by closing the door, and you can see the state of Meieki-dori from the large window.4Private room for the name.

"Kurobuta Shabu-Shabu" (1人 前2,200Circle)Order is2From the public.We have a wide variety of sake, including sake, shochu, wine and fruit wine carefully selected from all over the country.

In order to bring out the flavor of carefully selected black pork, the shabu-shabu of "Rabuta" is eaten lightly with a special bonito-based dashi stock that uses Kagoshima's "Hishiku soy sauce" instead of a strong sauce. If you want to enjoy the "taste change", you can choose ponzu sauce, sesame sauce, hot sesame sauce with doubanjiang added to sesame sauce, etc.

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5The sky garden on the floor is also recommended for the night view, which looks different from the refreshing daytime.Please stop by at the end of your date.

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